Coaches - 2011

Thank you for volunteering to coach this year. We hope that this year will be a rewarding coaching experience for you. Below are some important items for your information! 

1. THANK YOU for coaching this season – we could not run the Program
without you!

2. Equipment Drop Off:  Please bring all of your equipment to the Equipment Drop Off area (centre of Centennial Park near the parking lot) after your Wind Up games on June 23rd.

3. Player Evaluations:

Each year RYSA asks coaches to submit information about a player's strengths and abilities.  This allows RYSA to work towards a balanced set of teams each season.  We thank-you for the time and thought that you put in to this task, and the information will not be shared with anyone except members of the 2012 executive.  Please submit a separate form for each player.

4. Feedback:  Please send any comments or suggestions to us about this season or suggestions
for next season through the feedback form on the website – we would appreciate
your input!

5. Head Coach Position Available!!
     It is RYSA’s desire to continue to bring cohesiveness to the coaching
department so that all children are learning the same skills and receiving the same
opportunities. We are hoping to implement the idea of having a “Head Coach”
for each division. The Head Coach will have their own team to co-coach and on
practice days be responsible for leading the practice for the entire division. The
Head Coach will gather all teams and coaches together, go over skills/drills and
then send the teams back with their individual coaches to implement the skills/

If you would be interested being a House League Division Head Coach for 2012,
please use this application form.

6. Development/Rep Team Coach Positions Available!!
for the 2011/2012 season and the deadline for application is July 15th. Here is the link to the Application Form for this position.


Notes to all Coaches:

Unregistered Players 
Any players that are not on your team roster are not registered. Anyone not registered and playing soccer, will null and void the insurance for the rest of the players. Please contact Eleanor Wilson at 250-837-3838 to ensure they get registered.

Police Checks 

As required by B.C. Soccer this year, all coaches and volunteers working with children will be required to complete a police check. Please pick a form up at registration or contact Heidi Kinoshita at 837-5768 . As a community, we need to ensure our children are in the safest hands possible. Please do your part and complete the form – Thank you.

Bytesize Coaching:
The RYSA has purchased a web-based soccer program called Bytesize Coaching.  Here's the link:

Login information is sent to each coach, if you need help with this information again, contact