Modernizing the African Technological Code for Revealing Modernity


Scientific worldviews and mindsets must dislodge traditional ways of thinking in order for Africa to have any chance of graduating into some form of Modernity.  This is unlikely to happen in absence of a deliberate strategy to do so.  Acquiring modern knowledge is not enough to change the region if old systems of thought remain in place.  Scientism must win over Christianism, Islamism, animism, superstitions, indoctrinations and other ancestral forms of thought. These provide competing views of the world and our place in it. Modernity cannot be reached with an increased in the stock of new knowledge alone but by making the traditional views obsolete and by abandoning these views.  These must be vanquished for the region to move forward.  For now scientism seems to be defeated and non-empirical / non-rational / medieval forms of thoughts prevail.  The future of science in the African region looks rather grim in view of cultures ‘buried’ in pre-modern thinking.