Links to Statistics related to STI in Africa

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US and European Patents Filed by Africans

Science and Technology Journal Articles by African Countries

Scientists and Engineers in R&D per Million People, Regions of the World

Engineering and Technical Knowledge by Region, % of Population

Low Application of Irrigation Technology in Africa

Women Parliamentary Seats in SS Africa

Types of Soil Degradation by Region

Undernourished Population in Sub-Sahara Africa

Food Import, Sub-Saharan Africa, 1970-2000

Per Capita Carbon Dioxide Emissions in African Countries

Food Import by African Countries, 2000

Low Fertilizer Intensity in Africa

Traditional Energy Consumption per Capita in African Countries

Daily Per Capita Calories, African Countries

Africa Declining Share of World Trade

African Share of World Agricultural Trade

African Students in the US and Canada

Agricultural Mechanization Intensity per Region of the World

Annual Internal Renewable Water Resources in Selected African Countries

Children under 5 moderately or severely underweight in SS Africa

Deforestation Intensity in Selected African Countries

Efforts Needed to Reduce Poverty in Africa

Girls to Boys Ratio at Tertiary Level in SS Africa

Growth Rates of Public Agricultural Research

HIV Prevalence Rate (aged 15-24), High Estimates, Men, in SS Africa

HIV Prevalence Rate (aged 15-24), High Estimates, Women, in SS Africa

Increasing Poverty in Africa 1987-98

Intensity of Investments in Knowledge

Knowledge Generation Effort by Countries

Knowledge Intensity of World Trade

Landlocked African countries, ODA as % of GNI

Literacy Rates, Aged 15-24, both Sexes

Literacy Rates in African Countries, Aged 15-24 check

Low Agricultural Labour Productivity in Africa

Malaria Death Rate in SS Africa per 100,000, all ages

Meat Export, Sub-Saharan Africa, 1970-1998

Number of patents granted in the United States

Percentage Garbage Collection in African Countries

Percentage of Urban Households Connected to Electricity

Global Technological Divide in Manufacturing

Profitability of Agricultural Knowledge Creation

Rural Population with Improved Access to Drinking Water in SS Africa

Share of Increase in Global Demand for Cereals, 1995-2020

Share of Increase in Global Demand for Roots and Tubers, 1995-2002

Share of World Value of Agricultural Production by Region

Tuberculosis Death Rate per 100,000 Population in SS Africa

Urban Households Connected to Water in Selected African Countries

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