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Technological Abuse and a Culture of Maintenance for Development in Africa

Knowledge Paradigm, Economic Gap and Kno

Constraints to Knowledge Absorption

F Sagasti - S and T Capacity Index

Engineering and Technical Knowledge for

Disparities of Global Technological Deve

Africa Abundance of Natural Resources

Typical Intra African Regional Scientific Divide

Historical Significance of the Knowledge

Benefits of ICTs for African Development

Generating New Agricultural Knowledge for African Development

4 Arguments Against Protection of Tradition

8 Principles for Protection of Indigenou

Four Pillars of Knowledge Societies

Knowledge- Power- Freedom Paradigm Shift

Knowledge, Productivity, Innovation for

Out-of-School Children by Region 2001

Post-Modernist Views on Knowledge for De

Exploitable Hydro Energy by Region

Paradigm: Knowledge = Engine of Development

Model for Generating Scientific Knowledge

Africans are the Greatest Colonizers

Reality - Data - Information - Knowledge

Technology, Population, Food and the Environment in Africa

Information Society Web of Issues

Scientific and Technical Knowledge for Sustainable Development

African Knowledge Societies / Economies

Measuring Africa’s Ranking in the Global

48-1 Areas of Concern for Scientific Progress in Africa (1/3)

48-2 Areas of Concern for Scientific Progress in Africa (2/3)

48-3 Areas of Concern for Scientific Progress in Africa (3/3)

Emerging Knowledge Economies in Figures

Capturing Tacit Knowledge for African De

Exponential Growth of Scientists and Dev

Innovation Systems Strategy and African

Four Pillars of Knowledge Societies

Innovation Strategies, Technologies and M

Knowledge Society and Learning Society

Communicating - Popularizing STI and

Financing Investments in STI and Knowled

Innovation Funds for African Development

Knowledge and Economic Systems for Devel

Knowledge, Social Change and Sustainable

Nine Areas of Knowledge Policies for Afr

Conflicting Views on Knowledge Too Littl

Creating - Generating Knowledge for Afri

Emerging Knowledge Paradigm and African

Empowerment through Radio Technologies i

Exploiting - Protecting Knowledge in Afr

Features of Knowledge Economies

Four Fundamental Directions for Knowledg

Freedom Paradigm and Grand Global Challe

Freeing - Liberating Knowledge for Afric

Valuing - Upgrading Knowledge for African Development

Evolution of Scientific Information Last

Forms of Science for African Development

Knowledge Foresight for African Developm

Languages on the Internet and African De

New Combination of Ideas and Technology

Bovine density in Sub-Saharan Africa

Economic and Institutional Regimes for D

Important Bio-Knowledge Health for Afric

Important Food Bio-Knowledge for African

Indigenous Local Traditional Knowledge

Innovation Discovery is Seeing with New Eyes

Effective Knowledge Management for Afric

Institutionalization of Innovation Processes for African Development

Key Knowledge Challenge: Transforming Kn

Knowledge Creation, Knowledge Divide and

F Sagasti - S and T Capacity Index

Information Society Strategy and African Development

Knowledge Acquisition and Assimilation for African Development

Networking in Traditional and Knowledge Socieites

Awareness of the Power of STI for Development

Economic Development in Historical Perspective

Knowledge Generation Effort in Africa

Knowledge is Chief Currency of Modern Age

Communication Technology and Development

Harnessing Science Technology and Innova

Human Resources and the Knowledge Base f

Integrating -Clustering Knowledge for Af

Major Farming Systems of Sub-Saharan Afr

Network of African Science Academies for

Regional STI and Knowledge Integration f

Seven Components of FARA-BASIC for Afric

Regional Shares of Developing World Manu

Shares of Total World R&D

STI and Development Challenges in Africa

Technological Clusters for Development in Africa

Types of Innovations for African Development

Elements of the Paradigm of Innovation f

Green Revolution Technologies and Knowle

Important Industrial Technology for Afri

Knowledge Levers for African Development

Methodological Issues for Building Afric

Nature and Types of Knowledge Assets for

Possible Evolution of the STI Divide and

Shares of World Researchers (2003)

STI and Knowledge Policy Design for Afri

Technological Intensity, Growth of World Trade and African Development

Types of Strategic Partnerships for African Development

Distorted - Negative Western Knowledge o

Appropriateness of Knowledge and Technol

Critical Innovation Capacities for Afric

Adoption of Innovation through Time

Creation of New Knowledge for African De

Radio Technologies for African Development 1 of 2

Radio Technologies for African Development (2 of 2)

5 Challenges for Harnessing the Potentia

Cosmology - God - Religion and African D

48-1 Types of Knowledge for African Development (1/4)

48-2 Types of Knowledge for African Development

48-3 Types of Knowledge for African Development

48-4 Types of Knowledge for African Development

Contributions of Religions to African De

Characteristics of the New Knowledge Orde

Characteristics of Knowledge Exponentiary

Global Technological Divide in Manufactu

Important Energy Technology for African

Knowledge, Culture and Sustainable Devel

Population and Economic Growth - a Two M

Sharing - Acquiring Knowledge for Africa

Technology and African Development in the 21st Century

Unequal Development 1820-2000 and Africa's Place in the Modern World

Technological Access - Open Source Main Protocols for Development in Africa

Typical Inter Regional Scientific Divide and African Development

Gender Balance in STI for African Develo

Implementing Knowledge Policies for Afri

Knowledge Management Tools for Developme

Knowledge, Economic Growth and African D

Religious Ecology and Development in Afr

Simplified Knowledge System and Developm

STI and Knowledge Policy Reviews for African Development

Technology Lifecycle and African Development

Wireless GSM Coverage in Africa

Technological Capacity Absorption and African Development

Typical Technological Diffusion Pattern and African Development

Public Efforts in Knowledge Acquisition in Africa

Important Space and Remote Sensing Techn

Key Components for Building Scientific W

Lifelong Learning Strategy and African D

Monitoring STI and Knowledge Policies fo

Scientific and Religious Knowledge for D

Status of Bio- Knowledge for African Dev

STI Policies Need Progress on Multiple Fronts for African Development

Technological Evolution and the Future of Africa

UNDP Technology Achievement Index and African Development

Private Sector Creation of Technology an

Access to Information and African Develo

Diasporas and Knowledge Retention for Af

3 Stages in the Acceptance of Scientific

Sharing - Acquiring Modern Knowledge for

Fundamental Knowledge Interactions for A

Important Mining Knowledge and Technolog

Knowledge Concepts for African Developme

Mobilizing Scientific and Technical Know

Modes of Knowledge Sharing for African D

School Books and Knowledge Assimilation

Soil Fertility Index in Africa

STI, Leadership and CoPs for African Development

The Knowledge Paradigm and African Development

WB - Knowledge Economy Index and African Development

Technological Innovation and Ideas Farming for Development in Africa

UNIDO - Competitive Industrial Performance Index and African Developmen

Possible Roles of Regional Institutions

FDI Knowledge Transfer and African Devel

Important Water Technology for African D

Internet Backbone in Africa

Knowledge, Economics and Sustainable Dev

NEPAD 12 Flagship Programme Areas in Sci

Science and Sustainable Development in Afr

STI Advisors for African Development

Subjective - Objective Aspects of Development

Views on Heretical and Religious Knowledge for African Development

UNCTAD - Innovation Capability Index and African Development

Technological Intensity of Manufactured Exports

Profitability of Agricultural Knowledge Creation and African Development

Sustainable Technologies for Development in Africa

Reason, Progress and African Development

UNDP Knowledge Communities and Networks for African Development

15-1 Principles for Building Innovative African Knowledge Societies-Economies

15-2 Principles for Building Innovative African Knowledge Societies (2/5)

15-3 Principles for Building Innovative African Knowledge Societies-Economies

15-4 Principles for Building Innovative African Knowledge Societies-Economies (4/5)

15-5 Principles for Building Innovative African Knowledge Societies-Economies

Four Models of Evolution of Digital Tech

Important Land Management Technology for

Knowledge Capital and Competition

Political Commitment to Scientific and T

STI and Knowledge Partnerships for Afric

Technological Access - Open Source Main Protocols for Development in Africa

Three Converging Perspectives on the Knowledge Paradigm

Visions of Knowledge Societies for African Development

Yield of Maize, Wheat and Rice in Africa and in Regions of the World

Technology Incubators and Science Parks for African Development

Principles of Technology Foresight Studi

Fundamental Types of Knowledge and Inter

Important Agricultural Knowledge and Tec

Knowledge Strategy for African Developme

Popularization of STI and Knowledge for

Sasakawa Global 2000 Maize Yields in Afr

State-Driven Cultural Renaissance Moveme

Traditional Knowledge and Indigenous Solutions for African Development

WEF - National Innovative Capacity Index and African Development

Radio Technologies for African Developme

Simplified Knowledge Management Cycle

3-1 STI and Knowledge Policy Design for African Development (1/3)

STI and Knowledge Policy Design for African Development (2 of 3)

3-3 STI and Knowledge Policy Design for African Development (3 of 3)

Technology, Christianity and the African Environment

Technological Innovation from Peacock to Feather Duster

The Pre-Modern African Technological Co

Hierarchy Culture Economy Technology

Knowledge Policy Integration for African

Knowledge Systems, Girls Abduction, Arra

Research and Development in Technologica

Positive Western Knowledge of Africa for