From Providential Delusion To Scientific Realities


Science and technology can be seen as an evolving body of techno-scientific knowledge. In this context the knowledge society / economy and the knowledge management, approaches have been sparsely used in Africa as a complementary approach for managing scientific and technological advancement. Looking back at the historical panorama of science and technology policies in Africa of the last forty years perhaps this recent emphasis on knowledge (and the ensuing changing discourse) heralds a real and significant paradigm shift. Among the diverse types or categories of knowledge, techno-scientific knowledge is at the core of this shift and is essential for engineering a possible new departure such as implied by Modernity.  This knowledge is the dominating element of human experience and it can propel the continent on a meaningful, innovative and exciting journey.


But to be effective, techno-scientific knowledge - the chief currency of the modern age - needs to incubate in an environment free or relatively free of oppressive power structures, such as cultural, cosmological, political, ecclesiastical / clerical, economic, social and gender.  Indeed, boundless freedom is the infinite fountain for discovering and applying potent techno-scientific knowledge and for modernizing and strengthening the mythological foundations of African societies – basically domesticated by mytho-religious / superstitious pre-modern knowledge.  This knowledge may be the most powerful static ‘soft’ knowledge ever fashioned by humans but it is progressively challenged and displaced by the equally powerful, ever-evolving and enhancing techno-scientific knowledge – the real driver of development and history and an important revealer of an enhanced reality.


Modernity is not possible without the reorganization and redistribution of power, freedom and knowledge, particularly without the revamping redeployment of science, technology and innovation.