Modernity Paradigm: Scientific Worldviews, Mindsets, Knowledges = Engine of Development and Stairway to Modernity


Scientific Knowledge  =  Epistemological Foundation of Modernity


Science is a method for transiting toward some kind of modernity. It provides incomplete, imperfect, deficient and disjointed theories of all what exists but it also offers possibly the best representations of reality that humans have devised. It is essentially a way of thinking, understanding and knowing the world.  Modern science is very destructive of traditional modes of thinking, of pre-modern systems of beliefs (including cosmological) and indigenous cultures. In the African context, attachment to traditions and resistance to modern science is fierce.


Indeed, in the African context, modern science is unlikely, at least in the decades ahead, to decisively win over solidly entrenched religious doctrines, mythologies, superstitions, fallacies, ideologies, indoctrinations, mirages, colonized psyches, etc. Hence, the importance of redoubling effort so that science may eventually succeed in displacing pre-scientific methods, worldviews, mindsets and cultures and in revealing a distinctive modernity in the African region.