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Audio Meditations are being prepared for you.
Here is Drew's 3-Step Deep Blue Meditation for a powerful meditation.
Step One-Breathing: Sit in a relaxed position. With your eyes softly closed, begin to focus on your breathing,
slowly becoming aware of each breath, in and out. Do this for 3-5 minutes.
Step Two-Blue: Imagine a blue cloud of energy above your mind, and surrounding your head. Really feel the calming
essence of the blue coming in with each breath and flowing out of you on the exhale. Focus here for about 5 minutes.
Step Three-Column of Blue Light: Now imagine and see in your mind's eye, your body as a column of deep blue light. Imagine this blue light 
as peaceful and strong at the same time. See this peaceful and strong column grounded to the earth with roots, like a tree, drawing up energy. Then see this column of blue reaching up to the sky above, and you becoming one with the sky. Here you now have access to wisdom and power.  (C) D.L.Vogt, 1/2010