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Introduction to the Law of Attraction                                                                    
You can study many self-help principles, but when you understand this Universal Law,
you'll get
 everything else!         
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 7 Keys to Understanding Prosperity Using the L of A
If prosperity was available on demand, wouldn't everyone have it?  
But everyone doesn’t have it, it’s not that simple is it? Since Prosperity seems elusive to so many, let’s look at it for a moment.

Prosperity usually implies money and having enough of it. What does it mean to you? Health, wealth, freedom? Everything we want is in the stream of unlimited wellness and abundance that comes from Source.  

Here I will be sharing 7 Keys to understanding the Principles of Prosperity & Abundance. The good news is, these are universal principles that operate the same for everyone! So they are fair---and when you understand them, it will work for you too!  

First Key:  To understand prosperity and abundance is to realize that our universe is based on one simple law, the Law of Attraction, not force. This is why force doesn’t produce positive outcomes! For example, war. This simply means that everything is attracting to itself whatever is like itself. As the saying goes, Like Attracts Like. For example, we are energetic beings constantly sending out signals like a radio antennae about our fears, desires and hopes.
The Universe (aka God-Force) receives these signals and responds to them with some thing, person, or situation like that same signal. This is a companion law to with the Law of Cause and Effect, which says that for every action there is an equal reaction.

Realize that it is responding to the quality of the signal---not what we say about the signal. For example, we may say or pray, “I want this new job”, but if the actual dominant feeling-signal we’re sending out has the quality of “I’m afraid I won’t find a job” then the Universe has no choice but to agree with you and send you similar situations that are in alignment with your signal. The Universe is not in the business of force. It will not and cannot override or change your signal. THAT IS FOR YOU TO DO! The result will be no job.

Second Key:  When you hold onto a dominant feeling-signal just an average of 51% of the time that is a little more hopeful, such as, “I’m not sure how, but I bet I’m going to find a job,” then you’re leaning in the actual direction of finding a job. While you feel that quality of hopefulness more and more, the attractive nature of those feelings and thoughts gain momentum and  bring to you the manifestation of the job.

Third Key: Your thoughts and feelings are attractive in nature! Remember, thoughts are things, which actually have various vibrational frequencies. They are more powerful than your words! This is why prayers and affirmations work the same for people of all faiths. It’s never the right religious words or prayers that are the keys, but the feeling of alignment with what is being asked for and affirmed. A God does not say yes to some and no to others. Instead, the Law of Attraction is impartial, non-judgmental, it works the same for everyone.

 Fourth Key: Understand that prosperity and abundance is all part of the same stream, or flow of wellness from Source. The nature of the Universe is to create and to expand. So connecting into this flow of wellness is what Life is all about! Everything we want is in this flow of wellness, health, happiness, success, peaceful relations, etc.

When we realize that everything we want is in the flow, then all we have to do is come into alignment with it—just 51% of the time! This is great because it means we can still be human—we’re not perfect or “correct” in our thinking 100% of the time. Instead, our thoughts and feelings lean us in the direction we want to go in when we feel it just over half of the time. Then things are in our favor! Kind of like a ball on the crest of a hill. If it just slightly leans to the left, it rolls that way and picks up momentum going down hill. Or if it slightly leans to the right, it picks up momentum going down hill in the other direction. Life is the same, on all topics.
Fifth Key:  Understand that this flow of wellness is responding to how you feel on a all subjects, or areas of your life, which could vary significantly. You’re not sending out just one signal. For
example, on the subject of "job", you may be sending out a fear feeling-signal; on money, maybe a lack of money feeling-signal, but on the subject of love, a feeling of ease and deservedness. This explains why a person could be very successful in one area of life, and a total failure in some other area. Think of someone who might be an amazing success in business or science, but cannot have a loving relationship with their child or spouse. 
The bottom line is, life is easier to be in the flow rather than shut off from it. Look at how hard life is when one is cut off from it. Instead, when we practice the art of staying in the flow—just 51% of the time---then everything will lean in our favor! We will be open to the flow, a part of it---receiving prosperity and abundance on all levels.    
Sixth Key: All we have to do is practice getting in the feeling of the flow as much of the time as we can. We can do this by focusing on everything around us that is good, beautiful, and pleasing to us. We can’t do it by focusing on what’s wrong. 

Seventh Key:  What we focus on determines what we receive. We become like whatever we focus on. Practice the art of selectively choosing to focus on what you want while having gratitude!

Here is a Treatment for Prosperity that can help you focus on positive aspects of this flow of wellness. It is called a Treatment, because it has a curative effect to treat negative thinking. Use it often and feel its power. Then your positive feelings and thoughts will attract what you need, desire and hope for!


TREATMENT FOR PROSPERITY      This is a "mind treatment" to affirm during meditation as you allow the concepts to gently sift down into your self.
I now subconsciously accept this treatment.

There is only one creative cause, God. There is only one mind, God. There is only one life, God. There is only one substance, God. This present universe is the glory of Spirit. It is a moving, flexible, fluidic creation. It is alive with life, abundance, and richness of God/Goddess energy.

I abide in prosperity. Divine Mind created me in order that it might act through me. Therefore, I am receptive to its abundance. I am receptive to its circulation in my life in the form of money. Money is Spirit’s idea of circulation in my world of finance. I accept this idea completely. I appreciate this idea; I like it. Money, being God in action, is Absolute Good, it is wholesome. It is a blessing to me, and I am now prospered with it. I have no fear of lack for I know that I have plenty of money. I have no fear of too much money for I know that I can manage unlimited money. 

Money is God’s activity in my world. It is God’s activity in my bank account, it is God’s activity in my investments. It is God’s activity in everything to which I lay my hands. Money comes to me from many sources, expected and unexpected, in right and perfect ways. This money is flowing, this money is free. I do not attempt to lock it up, I do not put a fence around it. It is God’s/Goddess’ money. I let it flow in, I let it flow out, blessing it in all directions. As I release it, I know that it comes back to me multiplied.

I am now free in money. I rejoice in it. I appreciate it, and I thank Spirit for it. I have money forever. (Author of this treatment is unknown.)   

That is my basic introduction. I hope it will be life-changing for you. I've been studying and using the Law of Attraction principle since I first learned about it in 1990, and I can truthfully say that the more I use it, the better life gets! Life gets easier---and sweeter!  

Solutions, remedies, healing, abundance, wisdom, loving partners, friends, success---everything, everything we want is in the stream of wellness and the Law of Attraction will allow you the same access as anyone else. it. Enjoy the stream--and share your success with others!  ~~

© Copyright, Drew L. Vogt, 2009; All rights reserved for original material; no portion may be reproduced without written permission from the author.