The Four Pillars of Peace
                Did you know that one of the most common problems people complain about is a lack of peace? And
                without peace how can we have purpose? Do you ever feel frazzled and without purpose? My Spiritual
                Guides recently gave me some information on this topic that I’d like to share with you. I think it can help
                solve this human dilemma.
                It was given to me in the metaphor of a temple. I like this since I studied architecture in university. It fits
                how I think of our lives being constructed, one piece on top of another.
                The picture-metaphor is of a temple, like a Greek marble temple, we’ll call it the Temple of the Soul. It is
                simple yet elegant. This temple has a strong base which represents our spiritual foundation, grounded in
                truth and is eternal. It is the constant, reliable foundation of our spiritual essence upon which our lives rest
                securely and rise up from.
                This little temple that represents each of us is topped by a glimmering, crowning dome of glory. This dome
                symbolizes the highest and best qualities we can achieve. A well-constructed life results in this glorious
                achievement of an exalted character, divine love and acts of kindness and generosity. That’s the dome. But
                what holds up this crowning dome? What has been installed over time to support the masterpiece of who
                you are? The Four Pillars of Peace. I will describe them‹for I am convinced they can empower you with peace
                and purpose.
                Imagine the strength and function of magnificent pillars. When I was in Argentina I was staying in the majestic
                city of Buenos Aires. One day I was walking along a downtown boulevard when I discovered the largest pillars
                I’d ever seen in my life. No exaggeration. From a few blocks away, I could not believe their size. Those
                gargantuan pillars of marble ascended with a quiet pride and function to support the façade of the house of
                Congress. People standing at the bases were dwarfed. And there the pillars stood, tall, elegant, strong and
                magnificent, the largest marble pillars I’ve ever seen.
                I want my life to be magnificent like those pillars. And I want my achievements to be supported by reliable truth
                that will stand forever. Believe me, we all have Four Pillars of Peace.
                The 1st Pillar of Peace is Self-esteem. Esteem means to respect self---because of value! What is your
                value? How do you value yourself? Do you talk disparaging of yourself? Or do you value yourself the way God
                does? Your Self-esteem is not determined by you‹it is determined by Infinite-Loving-God! But you are the one
                that has to accept it! This Spirit-based Self-esteem is the most important component to building a good life,
                for without it you’re inadvertently living in disagreement with God. You are of incredible value; You are in fact
                a part of God!
                I love this mantra from Rev. Florence Becker. She founded the Golden Gate Spiritualist Church in San Francisco.
                This is one of the most centering mantras in the English language. It says, I am part of God, and God is part of me.
                Wow, that’s power! We must agree with Infinite God who says we have such a great value that it’s actually part of
                our very core! We are made of the same eternal God-essence that is God! When we accept this, then and only then
                do we make a great team.  
                Then and only then can we truly have peace, spiritual direction and fulfill a divine purpose.
                The 2nd Pillar of Peace is Trust. Trust is a deep knowing with calming contentment in whom we believe. In whom
                do you trust? You can have a lot of spiritual knowledge, but until you trust in the Spiritual Forces you are only having
                a mental journey.
                This deep level of trust guarantees correct alignment with the God-Force. This knowing-Trust connects us with the
                Spiritual (non-physical) Forces so that there is no separation. In this full trust we find alignment with God and the
                Spiritual Guides and Loved Ones. Please note: A trusting faith in them is a fact, not a fantasy, for it is based upon
                results. It is based upon an interactive lifestyle with them, so that trusting-faith becomes a fact!
                Then, this trusting faith in them becomes a channel that delivers the goods. Each person can use trusting faith as a
                way to receive the positive power of God that gets delivered through the personality. This can only occur when we
                allow this powerful energy to flow through us as enthusiasm, spiritual gifts, acts of kindness, service and love.
                When Spirit flows through us we begin to feel a calming peace of mind and heart. This trusting faith quiets all fears
                and empowers small thinkers to find purpose and meaning.
                The 3rd Pillar of Peace is Aspiration. This is the action and attitude of reaching beyond one’s old selfŠ beyond the
                smallness of mortal man’s insecurities and limitations. The divine mind sees options and reaches out to accomplish
                With Infinite God and Infinite Power nothing is impossible. So with this incredible power that creates universes, and
                knowing that nothing is impossible, what goals and dreams will you reach for? Will you learn to enjoy this
                atmosphere of aspiration?
                Lastly: The 4th Pillar of Peace is Co-creation. A lifestyle of co-creating becomes addicting because it’s fulfilling.
                It’s so rewarding. It’s a team effort of us creating newness with the help of the Spirit People, God, and the Law of
                This Co-creating is the result of the three preceding Pillars I’ve just discussed as they manifest outward and find
                expression in the world. In other words, when Self-esteem, Trust, and Aspiration are experienced they begin to
                create results that we see around us. And this is the natural expression of our creative God-Self to express
                outwardly into the world!
                My grandparents demonstrated this in a dramatic way when they were in their mid-seventies. They had lived most of
                their lives in a comfortable home in San Diego. The décor and landscaping were done. Life was set and predictable.
                But old-age was not for them, they would not be limited. They wanted to create something new.
                They became inspired by the possibility of living near their newest grandchildren in Northern California. They quickly
                fell in love with a beautiful residential property of redwood trees and made the move. My grandmother, Dorothy, had
                always wanted to design her own home and so they did it! Complete with all the comforts and gardens of their choosing.
                They did it with the Self-esteem and confidence of God, with trust and aspiration. Co-creating is easy when everything is
                lined up.
                My grandmother wrote letters to update me on their fun accomplishments. At this point in life her health was declining.
                She had survived two open heart surgeries, one death experience (NDE), had only half of one kidney, and took handfuls
                of pills daily.
                In one letter she wrote, she told of a tremendous rock wall she was building along the new property. I dismissed the
                idea as “oh so  cute”. She must be exaggerating, it must be some cute, little rock wall. Months later I visited in-person.
                To my delightful surprise, as I drove up to the front drive, there was the rock wall along the embankment some 30 feet
                in length! This frail, ailing great-grandmother had outdone herself, and in her face could be seen perfect peace. The house
                and gardens showed that co-creation with God can happen whenever and wherever we decide!
                You see? We have the “on switch” inside of us. We get to decide to entertain new ideas, channel enthusiasm through
                skills and allow the Law of Attraction to explode new opportunities into our experiences.
                So, all three Pillars of Peace find a way to express in this fourth Pillar of Co-creation. I’ve summarized them this way:
                * Your Self-esteem is expressed in the world through your valuable thoughts, ideas, and dreams. They’re relevant because
                they’re part of God! And anything that is part of God must continue to bless and express!
                * When we experience Trust we are lined up with Spiritual Forces and Infinite-God who are active on our behalf, and become
                our Power Partners as we team up to create like God.
                * When we Aspire we reach further and higher than mortal man would attempt. Our minds and hearts conceive, dream and
                reach for things loftier than we would normally attempt. When our God-self aspires, our dreams and goals bring in new
                energy and purpose. This redefines our lives and opens up a vast array of new possibilities.
                Yes, when we are Co-creating as a team with Spiritual Forces, God’s priorities, desires, dreams and goals, become our
                priorities, our desires, our dreams, and our goals. When we work with Divine principles we can gain peace like we’ve never
                had it before. And when we gain peace, we will be rewarded with new purpose and energizing enthusiasm.
                © Copyright Drew L. Vogt, 2006, All rights reserved. No portion may be reproduced for any reason without written permission from the author.

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