Moving Your Mountains

                Good morning dear friends. I have some good news, and then I have some really good news!

                If you’re not acquainted with Spiritualist philosophy, I’m pleased to let you know that when I use the word "God"
                I do not use it with the typical meaning. When I use it I mean a God-Force, as in so huge, so loving, so
                infinite, it cannot be contained or constrained to a man or a personage...for it is a loving, living life force that is
                a stream of abundant wellness and joy. It is everywhere and always available to every person. And this is what
                you have access to today, as I talk, and you listen for something of special use that may help in your life.
                Problems are mankind’s biggest headaches, aren’t they? Life would be better without them, but yet we all have
                them. They’re like big mountains that block our path and cause us to feel many negative emotions. Knowing that
                Infinite God would never want us to feel limited, stifled, blocked or unhappy--we can feel confident that these
                mountainous problems are moveable!
                The two biggest, most common problems that affect everyone on the planet are the problems of fear and ignorance.
                These two mountains become blocks to entire cultures, entire societies; even entire generations can be debilitated
                by them. But Infinite God is always looking for ways to get fear and ignorance out of the way--so that we can have a
                blank slate--and be teachable, and awake to new and more joyous ways of living!
                Regardless of one’s culture the Spirit of Truth is trying to help humanity move forward. The great founder of the
                Positive Thinking Movement, Norman Vincent Peale, did years of research and concluded that the soul is real, that
                it continues on, and that we can communicate with those souls who’ve gone to the other side. Well, when he was
                speaking on the widest, globally-televised Christian church program in the world he made a jaw-dropping statement.
                Referring to his father who’d “gone to heaven” he said affirmatively, by the Immortality of the Soul, he stands here this
                morning...with me. This message went out to millions who’d never heard it so clearly stated. He also explained his
                beliefs on this topic in his own book called Life Beyond Death. So, Spirit finds ways to spread truth and overcome
                ignorance globally.
                A church denomination in the USA recently sent a glossy booklet to every address in San Francisco. On its cover are
                scenes of doom in fire and earthquake. Each page uses fearful tactics to frighten readers about impending doom, and
                offers membership in their group to be “safe”. Worried about independent thinking, the booklet mentions that
                Spiritualism is rising up and negatively affecting the scientific community! But their message of fear is not stronger than
                love. And Infinite God is moving this mountain of ignorance aside using scientists and common people in the media. In
                fact, today we can’t get far from the good news of the truth of the Immortal Soul. This truth offers each person an infinite
                number of new opportunities--because there is no end, only eternal nows! Spirit is overcoming fear and ignorance so that
                more than any other time we’re seeing TV channels and bookstore shelves with an abundance of material about Mediums
                and life-after-life.
                Truth moves mountains. Darkness has no power over the light. Light a candle in a dark room, and the darkness recedes.
                So too with truth. So too with your problems, no matter how large, your mountains can be mitigated, moderated, walked
                around, flown over, hiked over, tunneled through. You can do anything! When help is Infinite, you have infinite help.
                So, today, what is your problem that feels like a mountain blocking your way? What blocks your path to accomplishing
                your dreams and fulfillment? Many in our community have problems such as cancer, HIV, loneliness, addictions they
                won’t mention in polite circles, and financial woes. And one of the most common is irrelevance. That’s right. Many people
                in various age groups feel they have no relevance, no importance for being here. But Infinite God-Force is “awake” to each
                person’s value and purpose. It has ways to overcome every obstacle.
                I like what David said. About 2,500 years ago he wrote, even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will
                fear no evil. I love this! This guy was saying I’m walking through the valley of problems. I’m not stuck, I’m moving. This is a
                process, a verb. I’m on my way, not stuck in the shadows of gloom. No mountain or cold shadows have any power over me.
                It’s easy to smile when things are ok to good. But when times get tough, what do you do? I’m here to tell you the God-Force,
                in Its infinite wisdom, Its infinite love, has a way for you that in your darkest night you can have a spiritual awakening that
                brings hope and solution. Washington Irving commented on this. He was one of the greatest essayists of the 19th century,
                and when brilliant people say things it gets my attention. He said, There is in every heart a spark of heavenly fire which lies
                dormant in the broad daylight of prosperity, but which kindles up and beams and blazes in the dark hour of adversity. Wow!
                My friend “Susan” in Santa Fe, New Mexico exemplifies this. She is a long-term cancer survivor that refused to believe a
                negative prognosis from a doctor who said 'you’ve only got two years to live.’ She responded to him, “No. You don’t get to
                decide for me. Your ignorance doesn’t get to decide the rules for my life!”
                Twelve years later, she’s still creating her paintings, and in her ever-expanding back yard garden, literally moving rocks out
                of the way! To progress is to move forward! She chose to be in the flow and said to her problem MOVE! I know others who’ve
                done it with HIV, divorce, debt, depression and a host of other problems. Susan showed us what the Teacher Jesus meant
                when he said, If you have a little faith or belief even as small as a little mustard seed, you’ll be able to say to a mountain
                'move’, and it will move! For then, nothing is impossible!
                As I was writing this talk my pen started to write something that felt too monumental. Oh no, Spirit, I can’t say that. They
                said Yes you can. (And they used my mantra. In Spanish we say !Si, se puede!) This is what they said to write: The most
                common ailment today is negative thinking.
                Negative thinking is a poisonous filter that blocks out solutions and even taints thoughts that could be the very assistance
                we’ve been asking for. Let’s avoid it! Let’s think and act expansively like God, filled with love without any limits. Personally
                and corporately, let’s not be content to sit in the shadows of ignorance, fear and stagnation. Let’s think only positive thoughts
                and move past the blocks. Then we’ll say to a problem MOVE, and it will move!
                I’ll close with these encouraging words about this trusting process. The well-loved author Victor Hugo wrote for us, Have
                courage for the great sorrows of life and patience for the small ones; and when you have laboriously accomplished your daily
                task, go to sleep in peace. GOD IS AWAKE. Remember dear friends, you’re not alone. You can overcome anything! ~
                      (This talk was presented at Golden Gate Spiritualist Church, San Francisco, California, April 9, 2006)
                © Copyright Drew L. Vogt, 2006, All rights reserved. No portion may be reproduced for any reason without written permission from the author.