Freedom From Boredom
                Do you dare get off the sofa?
                My childhood in sunny San Diego was carefree. I remember the long summer days and warm afternoons.
                In the winter we dreamed of summer vacation as if it was Nirvana. But after a few weeks of unstructured time
                we soon grew tired of nothing to do.
                One day my aunt came to visit. I was embedded on the sofa with a blank stare. When she asked what was
                wrong, I answered that I was bored. She challenged me with, “How could you be bored when there’s so much to do?”
                That question became my Key to Freedom to unlock an unlimited future of new activities. I realized that if I get bored
                it’s because in some way I’ve accepted it. If it’s not growth it’s stagnation.
                Boredom shows a lack of direction and stimulation. This is actually caused by a lack of leadership. Yes, if we are
                going to be the leaders of our own lives we must be responsible to set our own goals. That is true self-leadership. We
                must get off the "sofa" and take steps to include the stimulating!
                My friend Susan swims in the San Francisco Bay. For competition and pleasure she bravely crosses shipping lanes
                and ominous waves. She loves it! As a student of Spiritualism she’s learning more and more how to choose activities
                that fit her interests and long-term desires.
                All of our ideas and new activities should bring a feeling of enthusiasm. That energy of enthusiasm is God’s positive
                motivation to get us off the sofa, and keep us interested, excited, and moving forward. We see this in Nature too.
                Everything is in a state of action and creation. The God-Force of infinite energy is constantly creating. It doesn’t stop,
                it must do something it must move. And our Spiritual Guides work with us from that premise! They know we have no future in
                boredom. So we can magnetize our present and future circumstances with positive enthusiasm. This then sets up an
                atmosphere that attracts the positive outcome we desire.
                How do you set your goals and direction? If you rely on others to set goals before you decide on yours, you surrender
                leadership to them. You can set your goals based upon what is best for you. Remember that our Spirit Guides are
                always trying to bring us what is best‹not necessarily what seems comfortable and secure to others! Suggestions from
                Spiritual Guides should be balanced with reason, market factors, personal goals, and our innate sense of what feels right.
                This is true personal leadership.
                Our Founding Fathers and Mothers of Modern Spiritualism demonstrated this high level of leadership. In the 1800’s they
                risked the security of church and social position by speaking out publicly for equal rights for African American citizens,
                women, and children. They did not let negative people set their goals or standards.
                They sensed how to cooperate with Infinite Source in order to help humanity move forward. Women’s Rights and the Abolitionist
                Movement launched society into a new free world because of individuals who chose personal leadership! When it wasn’t socially
                fashionable, they chose to be independent in their thinking and goals.
                Infinite Source is calling each of us to move forward in freedom. It requires perspective and choice. Your Guides are assisting you.
                You are free to choose and create.
               © Copyright Drew L. Vogt, 2006, All rights reserved. No portion may be reproduced for any reason without written permission from the author.

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