Finding God's Guiding Goals
                    Are you reaching your dreams and goals? Would you like it to be easier? Smoother?
                    A while back I was facing a major life change. I felt stuck and a good friend of mine said, "Drew, right now you're like
                    a ship without a rudder." It was true and it felt awful.
                    Have you ever felt like that? There might be definite blocks that keep you from achieving your goals. People often feel
                    that the harder they reach for something the more elusive it becomes. But, there are easier ways to achieve wants, deep
                    desires, and good goals.
                    Let me share with you three simple points I've found to be effective in achieving goals in a spiritual manner. I'll be clear here:
                    Some goals come from the ego self that wants to stay in a safe comfort zone. Other goals come from the intelligent, loving
                    God Force that is out there making new galaxies while simultaneously inside of us spurring us toward good.
                    My first point is that God's Guiding Goals provide direction. Goals that come from God put us on a path that leads upward
                    rather than downward. This upward path feels calming, intentional. Because being in the flow of God's guiding influence feels
                    right, it feels purposeful! This is partially because when we are aligned with spiritual pursuits we are aligned with our highest
                    and best self. It is Spirit, not ego.
                    This Spirit self that we each have is strong enough to explore new goals and achieve new heights. This bold way of living is
                    caused by what I refer to as our Spiritual DNA, which means we're designed like the rest of the universe to be progressing
                    and moving forward! How fantastic!
                    What a masterpiece you are! You're higher up the food chain than a rock, a tree, even a horse. You perceive spiritual things,
                    receive divine guidance, and choose to act on it. Why? That's the way you're designed. So God's Guiding Goals provide direction
                    that fulfills our Spiritual DNA--our destiny!
                    Second. Fear shuts down, love opens up. We all know that in fear we can freeze up or in desperation grasp for solutions. The
                    human system isn't designed to prosper in fear. Divine love opens our mental and physical systems to good.
                    You can receive this divine love like a cozy blanket. The effects will be soothing and tranquil. Relaxation of your mind and body will
                    open you up to receive divine hunches and ideas that will lead you forward. The more open you are, the more you can receive. For
                    example, the Law of Attraction can bring you that new car in the easiest way possible. But your Spirit Guides know you want a blue
                    one, so you'll be open to receiving the blue one!
                    This is the beauty of Spiritualism: It's personal! Not only are Universal Laws on your side, but loved ones in the spiritual realm who
                    know your preferences are working to make you happy. So love opens us up to new solutions and steps to where we want to go.
                    Third. God's Guiding Goals provides us with a new start. It's a fresh start away from the ego-driven self. Accepting God's goals brings
                    in new experiences, new options and new inspiration. These become fresh enthusiasm that wakes us up in the morning with hope in
                    our heart and a sparkle in our eye! For God is in us, around us, and manifesting through our desires! New inspiration can surge through
                    your thoughts, heart and body fueling your new successes. You are now in the universal flow of progress!

                    If we pray this prayer each day, we will live well: Thank you Spirit for giving us God's Guiding Goals. ~~

                   © Copyright Drew L. Vogt, 2006, All rights reserved. No portion may be reproduced for any reason without written permission from the

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