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LIVING OUTSIDE THE BOX: How to Co-Create with Spirit

Workshop Coming to Sarasota, April 27, 2017!
Davis Hall, Thursday, April 27, 7:30pm–9:30pm. Fee: $30.

Would you like to experience more freedom and success? Rev. Drew Vogt has spent a lifetime applying what he has learned about living outside the box, on his own terms, and how to co-create the life of his dreams. With great passion, he will share his "4-Step Manifestation Process" and other techniques using universal principles. He has used these to find success, both spiritual and material. You can learn how to avoid common pitfalls and use metaphysical "Tips & Tools" working with Spirit more effectively. Manifesting wellness on all levels of being might be easier than you might think! No reservation required. 

Church Services:
Rev. Drew will be serving the church on Sunday, April 30th, Evening Celebration Service at 7PM. The topic of his inspirational talk is Manifesting with Spirit, and he will be delivering Spirit Billet Readings, a unique form of Mediumship.