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NEW Weekly Law of Attraction Gatherings in Oaxaca

You can get gain more influence over every area of your life, and effect the desired outcome! With over 20 years of teaching experience, Drew/Andres is VERY excited to be bringing this to Oaxaca.

Suggested donation: $50-300 pesos; includes free handouts; no need to rsvp, just show up! Change your thoughts, change your life! See home page for details. 

In September, 2017, the southern coast of Oaxaca experienced one of the century's worst earthquakes, a magnitude 8.1 quake centred just off the coast of Oaxaca and Chiapas. It decimated thousands of homes, businesses, and schools, causing scores of deaths and leaving hundreds homeless. In October, Drew collaborated with Rainbow World Fund  of San Francisco, CA, and Casa de Kids to organise a humanitarian trip aimed at relieving suffering in the region. The destination was one of the hardest hit areas, Juchitan and several nearby towns.  

The trip included volunteers who had families from the Juchitan area, a semi-truck was donated for the needed goods to be transported, and a van for for the crew. Hundreds of food packages were dispensed, provisions for nursing mothers, drinking water, 50 sleeping pads, and 50 tarps for shelter.  The trip was heralded a success. 

Excerpted from Drew's report, here are his own words:  "I was riding in the semi-truck as we approached the town of our destination. As we drove, we passed miles of rubble before we reached the town. From the highway we started the drive 15 minutes through the town. We saw street after street, building after building, house after house, decimation. I'd never seen such a sight, entire buildings and houses collapsed, piled into heaps, scraped clean from their foundations, leaving a family camped out under a tarp where their home once stood. After about 10 blocks, I realised that neither my driver nor I had said a word, There was nothing to say. It was heart wrenching. 

When our caravan finally arrived at the location to serve as our base, our crew stepped out of the van in tears. Crowds of locals began to gather around asking for food and water.....we later began going from street to street seeking those who needed the help the most; we gave out rations and water and sleeping pads, sometimes walking into the rubble remains of bedrooms sheltered only by a flapping tarp in the breeze. This was someone's home....the trip left me changed. While I cannot solve all human misery, I can do something, I can do what is near to me, and I will. Thank you Rainbow World Fund,  Casa de Kids, and the many donors who made it possible." 

CASA DE KIDS     Drew has brought together friends and communities to assist efforts in Oaxaca, Mexico, to feed and educate orphans and disadvantaged children. This has resulted in the sponsoring of more than 48 years worth of education,  housing, and school supplies. Casa de Kids is also pleased to announce they are currently responsible for the education of two local high school students, four college students, and have four candidates entering schools of medicine and law.   

In 2015, Drew co-founded Casa de Kids, a 501(c)3 to expand the orphanage work in Oaxaca, Mexico. This work is non-religious and not supported directly by any religious organisation  He makes Oaxaca his home in order to oversee these efforts. Between February, 2016 and Fall 20017, CdK has hosted more than 40 events for local orphans and students in need, with birthday celebrations, ice-cream socials, and trips to recreational parks and museums. These types of trips are usually unavailable to these children due to lack of funds and/or supervision.  

Each year Drew hosts a cultural retreat called Discover Oaxaca during the last week of July.  This trip is designed to familiarise attendees with Mexico's richest art centre...meeting some of the kids in his program is a special treat! He can also design tours of the area that fit a group's needs, including the very popular "Dia de los Muertos" days of October and November. 

Drew also oversees the delivery of much-needed clothes, food, and school supplies. For a Discover the Spirit of Oaxaca info packet, please email Drew at:  DrewVogtDiscovers@gmail.com

Drew with Adrian (L) and Crisanto (R) at the Monte Alban pyramids,
Oaxaca, Mexico.

Most of the boys being sponsored are attending State run boarding schools
in Oaxaca City, which is where the boys were raised in the Casa Hogar
orphanage they grew up. Most of them have one or no parents who can
care for them, due to prison, abandonment, poverty, chemical addictions, or death. 

Rev. Vogt is grateful to many people who make this life-changing work possible. Breaking 
the cycles of poverty is possible and we are doing it in Oaxaca! You can help us bring hope 
to these boys for a happy and successful life. Here are three ways you can help: 
     *  Provide tax-deductible donations for food, medicine, clothes, school
     supplies, etc.       
     *  Team up with friends/associates to sponsor a child for one year for USD
     *Like them on Facebook and share the page with a friend! 
Learn more about this important work at: www.CasadeKids.org 


    Imagine a World
                    Without Violence  |   one of Drew's favorite sites       

    Lena Bartula founded Mariposas San Miguel in 2009, to empower abused
    women to gain sustainable livelihoods. Most of them live in or near to San
    Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and desperately need a way to provide for
    themselves and their children. Rev. Drew has known Lena since 1997 and
    applauds her big heart and use of the Law of Attraction.  
    Lena dreamed up the idea to empower them to create hand embroidered bags
    and gifts, a talent often handed down from mother to child. Lena loves bringing
    their artistic creations to the world. You can help empower these women by
    purchasing these handmade items

    Lena's newest goal that just manifested is a community center where the
    women can work, produce their goods, and attend educational classes. Get
    inspired at www.mariposassanmiguel.com