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A woman from New England wrote to me about her frustration on "how to" manifest a long-held desire. Here's my response:


"Well, sounds like we're going to have some great discussions! Yeah, I think "God" expands our consciousness through "ideas"
that come from it/Him. Those ideas to follow and develop, are always voluntary, and unlimited in number if we choose to pass
on one and move to others.


BUT, the ones we need to pay special attention to are the one's we can feel excitement for and believe will ALLOW enthusiasm
to flow through us so that we have joy, love and creativity expanding who we are. IF the idea's or projects help others, all the


When we give up any negative thinking and beliefs or thoughts of limitations and roadblocks, we begin to attract the solutions
and components needed to fulfill the manifestation of our desire. SO, with your current project, nothing can stop you, if you
know how to release resistance along the way, stay focused on your dream, and "God" will surely open up all the avenues for 
the fulfillment. " –-(C) Drew L.Vogt, 4/28/10