As You Wish 
                            One of the few movies I actually own is called, The Princess Bride. This whimsical, romantic comedy tells
                            the story of a young servant boy in Europe. Set way back in time he falls in love with a young girl from a
                            wealthy family. She treats him poorly making many demands. Her ungracious requests are met with his
                            warm smile, and to each he simply responds, As You Wish.
                            In the story the phrase As You Wish sounds fanciful and too good to be true. But, I am convinced more and
                            more that the universe in its unconditional love does deliver to us as we wish. This is hard to believe when we
                            experience circumstances we would never consciously choose. But everything in Nature is “listening” and
                            responding to our wishes which are expressed in words, actions and decisions.
                            Of course daydreaming and visualizing is part of this process, but even before thoughts are constructed, we
                            send out vibrational signals both positive and negative. Our joy in creating what we want is found in selecting
                            what and how we want to feel so that we can be conscious creators. Not accidental, but conscious!
                            A woman I’ll call Laura, was recently stuck in a situation that seemed impossible. She was volunteering fulltime
                            at a center she believed in, but didn’t know how to get out of it and progress towards her new plans. Her new
                            dream of getting an apprentice job in Europe didn’t seem possible, especially with no contacts and no airfare.
                            She felt stuck because she was focusing on what was missing rather than what she wanted. I challenged her to
                            think as big as Infinite God. What a stretch! “Focus on what you want, not what’s lacking,” I suggested, “and trust
                            that the loving God-Force that’s out there creating galaxies can certainly manifest the contacts and airfare to a
                            place called Europe.” She liked this. As she practiced focusing on her dream and how it would feel, new enthusiasm
                            flowed in. This brought positive energies that she and her Spirit Guides would use to bring in the manifestation.
                            When negative despair and cold leads occurred, she would bring herself back to imagining living her dream. During
                            one of these times her mom who had transitioned to Spirit many years ago came to her and said, “I’ve got it taken
                            care.” Doesn’t it make sense? All those who love us and Infinite God are busy at work teaching us this art of manifesting.
                            With unlimited resources it says, As You Wish. Imagine for your lifeano limits, no blocks, only a multitude of solutions
                            and new paths to explore!
                            Wow, and then it happened. Soon the contact was made! The agreement with the apprentice program director was sealed.
                            The airfare arrived. With great joy she announced to me she’s leaving for Europe!
                            My friend Tommy is also learning to think big like God. He’s decided to ride his bicycle from San Francisco to Los Angeles.
                            It will benefit a non-profit org he’s excited about. The ride is impressive, so is his huge fundraising goal. And so is his huge
                            smile--empowered by enthusiasm. Can he reach his goal? The universe responds, As You Wish.
                            I love to believe that the universe is constantly continuing to expand and improve. Let’s be part of it as we create good and
                            allow our positive desires to evolve into positive creations. Maybe it’s a new job, more education, church growth. Trust that
                            it can happen!
                            The energy and assistance we can access is unlimited. People are being cured from what their doctors call “incurable”
                            diseases. Addicts are recovering from years lost to self-abuse. Common people are accomplishing the “impossible”—when
                            they work with God’s unlimited resources.
                            Join in cooperation with the Source of All-Good. Be encouraged in all your efforts that as you ask, Infinite God is answering,
                            As You Wish. ~~
                             © Copyright Drew L. Vogt, 2006, All rights reserved. No portion may be reproduced for any reason without written permission from the author.

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