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Flexing Like the Willow Tree


     Flexing Like the Willow Tree
     I'm in love with flexibility! My spiritual mentor, Millie, of San Diego,     
    California, has often reminded me to: 
            Grow strong and tall like the mighty willow. You'll bend and
            flex in the wind and not break.
    Then she explains that flexing and blending with life's circumstances is the
    key to emotional health and thriving.
    In order to enjoy the benefits of flexibility, I invite you today to adopt a new
    perspective on life.  It might sound something like this,
            My life is a living, moving stream. It is never done, I am never
            complete. I am never truly stuck. My life is a stream of
            experiences offering new opportunities every day.


    Many people can't flex and bend with life because they feel stuck, stuck in a
    job, a relationship, an unwanted habit, etc. This feeling of being stuck is one
    of the most common complaints I hear of in counseling. It seems that
    almost everyone feels stuck in some area of their life.
    Let’s talk for a moment about this common complaint. This feeling is
    based on an idea of being stuck, but in reality this is impossible and worse
    than many persons’ idea of death—for it entails lethargy, and sameness which
    causes boredom, stagnation, and a variety of negative emotions.
    But nothing can truly be stuck. It is possible to continue to do the same thing,
    or nothing, over and over and over, thus continuing to stay where you are.
    Feeling stuck causes us to feel uncomfortable because it is not in sync with
    our Divine Self that wants to be busy enjoying the stream of life. Feeling stuck
    is not the lack of motion, it’s just a consistent repeating of the same way of
    being or doing things that keeps bringing us the same results, kind of like
    when we get stuck in a rut! We might seem to be moving—but we aren't
    going anywhere!
    There’s an old marvelous adage that says, The only difference between a rut
    and a grave is two ends! Wow! When we bend and flex out of the ruts of
    sameness, we will enjoy thriving in wellness and vitality!    


    You might already be saying, Now wait a minute; I know my life is always     
    moving, that’s the problem!


    Maybe you’d like things to slow down, smooth out, or become more
    predictable. That is a very natural response to unwanted things happening
    too fast or things feeling overwhelming. But that’s not the same as what I’m
    talking about here. Adopting a new perspective of motion from your Higher
    Self’s perspective is to qualify it—with the quality you want!
    For example, read the following suggested affirmations and sense the quality
    of each perspective:


  • My life is a moving stream of experiences, bringing joy, peace, and reward.
  • My life is getting smoother and smoother as I “Let go and let God”.
  • I am flexing with ease and desired rewards are coming to me.
    These affirmations qualify the quality of experience I want in the vibrant
    stream of life. I don’t want it to be overwhelming and chaotic; I want it to
    feel orderly and purposeful. Then I can enjoy the rewards of peace, and the
    satisfaction of achieving a divine purpose. 


     HOW TO:      Here are three key ways that will help make flexing easier,
    natural, and will definitely empower you!


    1. Welcome change.    Realize that all of Life and every individual is in
    motion. This is a beautiful and emtionally freeing truth when you really get
    it. Nothing will ever be done and the motion of change is nature’s indicator
    that things are moving towards balance and wellness. Stress teaches us that
    we have negative perceptions about what is occurring, and maybe resistance
    to good. 
    Stress from change is only an indicator that we're paddling upstream; but when
   we’re going with the flow of the stream, oh, it’s soooo much easier! So stress
   becomes our teacher telling us to adjust our perspective or how we're allowing.  
    When we realize how natural change is, and that it brings with it surprises and
    new rewards, we will welcome change not with stress but with sweet anticipation. 
    Flexing and bending to allow change allows us emotional space for improvement as
    well as the answers to our hopes and prayers. If we're affirming that which is
   new, we must allow for change! Change is healthy.


    2. Flexing with creativity.    Flexing with creativity allows us to see new
    opportunities and respond in productive ways. When we are flexing w ith our creative  
    skills, life is  much more fun!     
    I recently experienced a huge lesson in flexing with creativity. While living     
    comfortably in Santa Fe, New Mexico, I received "my inner spiritual guidance"
    that suggested I return to my native California to enter fulltime spiritual work. That
    idea seemed crazy! I couldn't leave my house and mortgage, my job, and my secure
    lifestyle to go back to California on a whim! I felt alot of resistance from a voice of fear
    which said it was "too difficult". I felt stuck and unready to make a decision. The fear
    wanted to winand keep me safetaking no risks. So I waited indecisively.   
    Then one morning I was relaxing alone at Jane's house, my good friend, above
    Santa Fe, not praying or meditating but "open". With the unending blue sky     
    above, and the distant blue-gray mountains gently fading into the horizon, I
    felt a deep sense of peace. 
    Then, being alone in the room, from out of nowhere, I heard my 
    grandmother's voice, audibly, as if in my ear as clear as any voice I have     
    ever heard. She said, Andrew, just go ahead and make the move, everything     
    is being prepared for you and will be waitingThat dear grandmother had 
    passed to the other side, into "non-physical" (aka "died"), several years 
    previous. Interestingly, she had lived in the same house for over sixty years
    and knew what it was like to feel stuck in one spot!
    This was all the encouragement I needed, I made my decision and the
    Universe helped inspire in me a creative plan to rent out my two 
    residential units so I could hit the road! As soon as that idea was clear, I     
    started packing! It took two years to transition to a new lifestyle in Californa,
    but with flexing and bending I didn't break, I stood tall. Now, it’s all working
    out! Wow, I'm so impressed with how the Universe has worked out the details
    to my plans. This led to trust.
     Know that Infinite God-Force has put inside of you all the creative tools you
    will ever need. When you're using your creative tools you'll feel joy and
    empowerment. You'll also feel tremendous enthusiasm in the creative process!
    What fun! Instead of being passive spectators, we get to be active participants
    in this ongoing, creative universe allowing good and wellness to flow!  
    3. Trust in Divine Order.  Are we a people who’ve forgotten how to trust?
    This unfolding Universe has a plan for good and is manifesting everywhere as
    forward progress! All things are progressing forward according to this plan of
    Divine Order. So there’s an order and unseen plan to all things. 
    Trust that your life has purpose and that you’re finding your way. Trust that     
    this Divine Order has all the spiritual wisdom and assistance you can possibly
    imagine. Trust in your divine connection that in your loving soul, you are
    deeply and powerfully connected to the Infinite.
    Then, you will realize, as did the writer David more than 2,000 years ago, a
    timeless and beautiful truth which I paraphrase and close with here:
            I’m like a bending tree, planted firmly by a stream. I’ve got roots
            growing down to the water, and leaves reaching up to the sunshine,
            and the fruit that I bear is a sign of God’s Life Force in me. In
            everything I do; I will prosper.     ~~
    I wish you joy on your journey!
    © Copyright Drew L. Vogt, 2008, All rights reserved. No portion may be reproduced for any reason without written
      permission from the author.