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    Affirmations can transform your life! They do this by affirming what you already know on
    an intuitive level--that you CAN solve anything! They can gently transform unwanted, old-
    thinking-patterns and habits, to new ones that are wanted. Learning to "massage" your
    habits of thought and action into wanted ones will empower you!
    Two Step Technique for using affirmations. Select an affirmation below, then follow these
    two steps.
    Step 1. Put your attention on the feeling of the affirmation's truth and repeat the phrase 
    four times daily.
    Step 2. Focus on it for 10-15 minutes as possible. Even on busy days, make sure you
    use the affirmation at least briefly as follows: In the morning, at noon, late afternoon, and
    before sleep at night. Remember, we want to feel and think the way Infinite Source
    does. So adjust the words to suit you--as long as they're positive!
    Abundance/Supply        I Am God's Infinite Stream of well-being flowing out to others.
    Love flows into me, and out of me. I am Well-Being, and the endless Source of all good
    provides Infinite Supply. I am and have access to all that I need. I Am, and all is well.
    Assistance/Help        I,_______, have unlimited help around me, seen and unseen,
    material and spiritual. All things are working out for my best. I am free of all chains that
    limited me in the past, I am free in this present, and will be free in the future. I am free to
    live, think and act in accordance with Divine Will. I am free to thrive in excellence, joy,
    and love.
     © Copyright Drew L. Vogt, 2006, All rights reserved. No portion may be reproduced for any reason without
     written permission from the author.  
     Co-creating/Manifesting        The Divine Consciousness "I Am" is continuously
     creating new plans, new gifts, new options and wholeness while seeking to bring good to
     all. I am totally confident in letting Source/God guide the way as abundance rains down
     upon my life and affairs.
         * I can create whatever I want; My Inner Spiritual Being sees no limits.
         * I am co-creating with Infinite Resources that provides all my needs.
    Guidance        I believe I am always divinely guided. I accept this guidance consciously
    and unconsciously as my mind and personality open to my highest good.
         * I believe in God's evolving plans. I believe God's goals guide me like power magnets
           pulling me forward to new, life-giving manifestations. 
         I believe successes are coming to me that will lead to more successes. I am open
           to surprises as new blessings lead to new blessings. I believe this has already begun
           and is happening NOW!
    Loneliness        Loneliness is a temporary emotion, it is not the truth, and is fading
    away. I am attracting to myself people and Spiritual Guides who love and appreciate me.
    I am not alone, for I am surrounded by those who love me.
    Strength        I, _______, was known by Source before I was conceived by my parents.
    I was, and am, made up of Eternal Essence that will always be. I am the embodiment of
    love, in words, intentions and being. Source knows this, I know it, and I accept it now.
    Eternal Source exists in me and shines Its divine light of power through me.
    © Copyright Drew L. Vogt, 2006, All rights reserved. No portion may be reproduced for any reason without
    written permission from the author.