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   >biography                    ABOUT THE TEACHER
                           DREW L. VOGT is an uplifting speaker, teacher, and Spiritualist Medium in Oaxaca, Mexico. 
                                    His classes and workshops such as Achieving Your Desires, Powers of Personhood, Introduction to 
                                    Mediumship have helped hundreds of people attain peace of mind and strength to accomplish their 
                                    dreams. Vogt is a return speaker and presenter at the internationally renowned center for Spiritualism
                                    in Lily Dale, New York.
                                    Drew Vogt is affectionately called "passionate" by those who attend his high energy  workshops, classes, 
                                    Mediumistic Readings, and coaching sessions. In 2007 he co-founded Celebrate Life Spiritualist Community 
                                    in San Francisco, California, a 501(c)3, served as Senior Pastor at Sarasota Center of Light, Sarasota, Florida (2013-2015), 
                                    and  in 2015 co-founded Casa de Kids, Inc. also a 501(c)3. 

                                    Vogt earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from San Diego State University and a certificate from the Morris
                                    Pratt Institute. Vogt was a Licensed Minister and Certified Medium of the National Spiritualist Association 
                                    of Churches, one of the original such organisations in the United States.
                                    He lived and taught in Tokyo, Japan, where he learned to appreciate Asian spirituality. Drew assisted humanitarian 
                                    projects in Tibet, Iran, Nepal, and in three locations in Mexico. He is passionately bringing education and basic 
                                    needs to orphans in Oaxaca, Mexico. In this pursuit he lives and volunteers there as President of Casa de Kids.        
                                    Despite childhood challenges, he learned to develop self-esteem and overcome obstacles to make his 
                                    dreams come true. Inspired by Native American spirituality and teachers of Positive Thinking, Drew
                                    learned to use universal principles to manifest whatever he chose to focus on. He shares this empowering
                                    wisdom with others through teaching, writing, spiritual counselling, and public speaking.  

                                    Drew makes his permanent home in Oaxaca city, Oaxaca, Mexico, and offers his assistance to others via FaceTime 
                                    or Skype. Please contact him directly regarding fees and to schedule an appointment.

                                HIS STORY        
                                "As once revealed in an interview, I was a skeptic about anything "spiritual." Although I had a fairly
                                traditional Christian upbringing, I doubted and questioned more than I believed. This was confusing
                                because I also felt a deep inner calling to connect with "God," and felt a strong desire to enjoy
                                a life dedicated to a higher purpose. But my life had no direction.  
                                At the age of twenty-nine I began to have experiences of knowing specific and confidential information about
                                people, including strangers that was confirmed as accurate. I had no understandable means of "accessing"
                                such information. It just came into my mind, seemingly unwanted. The more times this accurate information occurred 
                                like this, forced me to ask questions such as, What is causing this to happen? and What are the implications for 
                                me living in the world?
                                As I started sharing my confusion and questions with a few trusted friends, I discovered that some of the
                                answers were right under my nose. My friend Jack Dobrin offered some answers for consideration, and
                                arranged for me to meet with his trusted friend, Rev. Millie Landis, a Spiritualist Minister and Medium. Soon
                                I had enough evidence that the life force that each person has, called a "soul", continues after the transition
                                called "death". This changed my entire perspective of me on planet earth. It continues to be proven to me that
                                the soul, in it's new, purely energetic state, retains personality and is able to communicate to us information,
                                emotion, perspective, wisdom, and love. 
                                This was enough to turn my world right side up and launch my own spiritual journey. My life has become
                                rewarding emotionally, materially, and filled with love. I look forward to sharing more with you!" -Drew L. Vogt

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