Mediumship Telecourse



THE 3-HOUR TELECOURSE  Sun, June 26, 2011   Access it from anywhere!
Our upcoming a three-hour teleworkshop that will train you to begin practicing
mediumship. This very comprehensive workshop condenses a lot of
information and wisdom Drew has gleaned from 20 years of experience as a
practicing Certified Medium. It covers what you need to know before you start
to "connect with the other side". For example...

·        the purposes and benefits of mediumship

·        the types of spirits you may connect with

·        the different ways you may perceive spirit communication

·        how to distinguish spirit communication from your own thoughts

·        how to handle some of the challenges in readings

Most important, I’m going to introduce you to the basic technique I teach for

actually contacting your spirit guides, departed loved ones, and other types of
spiritual beings. I can’t guarantee that you’ll make contact with any spirits during
the workshop call, it usually takes more practice than we’ll have time for—but we
will do some exercises that will leave you feeling confident about what to do when
you practice on your own. 
Mediumship is a form of spiritual communication that expands the heart, mind and
world of everyone who learns it. If you have the seven qualities it takes to get results,
here is what this practice will help you do:


  • Communicate with departed loved ones
  • Receive spiritual guidance around love, money, work and more
  • Relax, reduce your stress level, and gain peace of mind
  • Feel bathed in love and support whenever you need a “lift”
  • Channel inspiration into your art form
  • Increase your intuitive skills
  • Do mediumistic readings

This very comprehensive course is invaluable! Sign up for details today!

About the Facilitators


Drew Vogt, L.M. is a Certified Medium and Licensed Minister of the National Spiritualist
Association of Churches.  Drew has been a professional consulting medium for 20 years
and has taught the principles and practice of mediumship to hundreds of individuals. 


Dianne Edleman, PhD is an author, business communications consultant, and intuitive
medium who studied with Drew in San Francisco. She is collaborating with Drew to create
mediumship learning opportunities that students can access from anywhere in the world.