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  Teacher of Transformation
    empowering many to manifest their dreams
     The Buzz
    I am consistently amazed with the quality and
     accuracy of the messages that come through
     in class and highly recommend them to
     anyone. —Sue U., Aesthetician, San Francisco,
     California, USA 
     Drew radiates love and joy. His own powerful
     link to the Universe and sense that "ALL IS
     WELL" ismagnet. Through his counseling I
     worked through some "old stuff" and was able
     to give myself permission to re-embrace my
     intuitive side.Heidi J., Chef, North Carolina, USA  


Announcing Casa de Kids' 5th Annual Cinco de Mayo Celebration and fundraiser, benefitting our kids here in Oaxaca! See the 'events'  page for details. 

Now in Oaxaca: Law of Attraction Gatherings every Thursday  


You CAN activate The Law of Attraction to gain more influence over every area of your life! That includes areas such as love and wealth. Most importantly it also includes well-being on all levels of being such as physical health, peace and contentment.  

Drew, (aka "Andres" in Mexico), has been practicing and teaching The Law of Attraction for over 20 years. He brings his experience and positive attitude to help you gain the empowerment you're looking for. 

Are you new to The Law of Attraction? If so, it might be more profound than you think, but Drew/Andres makes it easy to understand and to get results. The Law of Attraction is like the Law of Gravity, in that, it is invisible but always in operation! Even if you don't understand the Law of Gravity, it effects you, and YOU are subject to IT! You can deny it, but it is still in operation! 

The Law of Attraction is the same, it is always, always working with us. The issue is that no one taught us this as children. They did teach us to ignore our feelings, and do what THEY wanted, or to do what the government or church wanted. But The Law of Attraction teaches us HOW to be true to our own inner guidance system. YES, imagine that you arrived here--pre-wired with an inner GPS! 

Come and learn to master your thoughts, guide your feelings, and create a loving, abundant life. This is not "Pollyanna Thinking", it is taking control of your life. 

Time & Location: Every Thursday, 7pm--8:15pm.  Conveniently located in the La Noria area of Centro Oaxaca: C. La Noria #526, corner of 5a. Privada de la Noria (only two blocks east of Manuel Doblado. 

Price: Sliding scale donation basis of: $50-300 pesos. 

l have a Facebook group page for this gathering so please check that out. Questions? You can WhatsApp Drew/Andres a message at his Mexican cell phone: 951.330.0443 (Please respect business hours) or email to: 

Read feedback from one of his students about his teaching style  

Drew/Andres is an amazing instructor. He couples his knowledge with intuition and applies it with awesome counselling and people skills. He keeps the subject matter straightforward, easy to grasp, and, more importantly, makes it FUN! He provides an atmosphere of openness and inclusion while dramatically increasing the confidence in students.Stefen Ray, Realtor, Palm Springs, California, USA   


Drew Vogt is a full time resident of Oaxaca, Mexico. He brings his  twenty years of experience as a non-denominational Minister and Teacher to his work in the capital. Known for his intuitive and caring style, Drew has assisted many to empowerment and joy. His career has included serving congregations in Santa Fe, New Mexico, San Francisco, California, and Sarasota, Florida. 

Skype sessions are also available. Sliding scale basis. 

To book your appointment email today:   
or Whatsapp/Cell: +1 52 951.330.0443

Drew's NEW Adventure in Mexico

In 2016 Drew Vogt took a leap of faith to move from his Senior Pastor position at Sarasota Center of Light to enter the non-profit orphanage work. His previous eight years experience in this work inspired him to this new challenge.   

Rev. Drew remains available for spiritual counselling, Intuitive Readings, and spiritual coaching by appointment. Sessions are available by Skype and Facetime. 

Having relocated to Oaxaca, Mexico, his new challenge is expanding the work of Casa de Kids bringing education and solutions to disadvantaged children. CdK is a non-profit organisation he co-founded in 2015. See Casa de 
To like them on facebook, see: 

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       Spiritual Counselling and Readings with Drew   
      are available by appointment

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    The Buzz
    Drew is a very skillful Medium and an 
extraordinarily encouraging teacher. If you are
    beginning to explore your Mediumship
    (Channeling) ability, you couldn't ask for a
    kinder, gentler, learning environment.Dr.
    Dianne E., Author, Portland, OR