My Philosophy

Why do I perform Weddings?

I love ceremony and I have found that a wedding is one of the most joyous ceremonies that there is.  It is a true joy for me to be a part of that celebration!

Why is each ceremony unique and why do the bride and groom have the final say?

I have seen ministers with advanced degrees read the 'official' vows from a prayer book!  A Catholic friend specifically asked that the guests not be invited to communion at her wedding to avoid embarassing her father who hadn't been attending church and didn't feel right about taking communi0n at that time.  The Priest thought better and ignored the wishes of the bride!  I know there is a better way.

I believe that any ceremony, especially a wedding should reflect the tone and personality of the people getting married.  I believe that the couple should be able to choose exactly what words are said, what prayers are read (or not read) and what vows are taken!

What do I add to the ceremony?

I add my expertise and experience.  I help guide the couple through creating their ceremony.  I understand how a service flows and what works in ceremony.  I have experience with traditional and modern ceremonies.  I know the rules of weddings and when and how to break them!  In writing a ceremony, I will make suggestions, but never demands. 

Of course, I add my own personality.  I am happy, positive and easy going.  I keep my emotions close to the surface and they come out during the wedding ceremony.  I am flexible.  When something unexpected happens, I am there to fix it.  When the groom get's tongue tied I know what to say to ease his nervousness and keep the ceremony together.

I have a solid voice and can make myself heard over a crowd.  I am expressive in my speaking and have a pleasing freindly tone.

What I believe

I believe that God is a great mystery and can be found in all places and all things.

I believe that there are many paths to God and that there is no one right path.

Because of my beliefs, I am truly an interfaith minister.  I am comfortable with a wide range of religous content in my ceremonies.  Bible readings, prayers, quotes from other religious texts can all play a part in my ceremonies.

If you aren't comfortable with religion at all, that is perfectly fine!  After all, when two people come together in love, that by itself is the perfect expression of the great mystery of life!