Public Speaker Services

“Christine is fun to listen to.  She’s an engaging and interactive speaker!”

(p.s.  That's a really flattering picture of me!  I'm a lot older now. LOL)

Brief Bio

After retiring from a successful career that spanned several states in a “for profit environment” as a project & asset manager on large scale real estate projects to a complete career turn around in “non profit” community based environments working for such worthy groups as an AIDS organization, churches and schools, Christine became an ordained minister.   

She and her husband (second marriage for both of them), of 35+ years, helped each other raise their five children. She's a seasoned mom and step-mother.  She and her husband, John, successfully created a peaceful, welcoming environment between their ex-partners for the sake of their children. 

They now enjoy their nine grandchildren while Christine happily officiates at weddings, baptisms, special ceremonies and events, and ministers to those in need in hospitals and hospices.

Series Topics


On Weddings & Newlyweds

"Whose wedding is it, anyway?"

"Top Ten Tips for a Successful & Happy Wedding"

On Motherhood & Step-Motherhood

“The Step Mother Lessons (The Good, The Bad and the Not-so-ugly)

“The Other Lessons I Wish I Had Taught My Children” Being a candid mom.


On Marriage

“Are you really compatible?  Your checkbook/credit cards may be the key!"

"Meaningful & Lasting Second Marriages” It can happen!!!

“Questions to ask your fiance before you say “I do”

"How much do you really love your husband?" Is he your master, slave or your partner?


On Divorce

“The Successful Divorce vs The Ugly Divorce (with kids)


On Business

 “Climbing the Corporate Ladder in a Skirt!”

 “Top Ten Resume’ Mistakes” Build your Resume that day!


On Personal Development

“Staying on Top of Your Home” Learning to be organized.

“Forgiveness for Others Starts In Your Mirror”

“The List-maker lives to fight another day!”


If you don’t see a topic that matches your organization’s interest, please email Christine with additional details. 


Fees for speaking depend on the location (travel and lodging as applicable) the amount of speaking and prep time required, and any equipment or materials needed (handouts, outlines, projection equipment, etc.) Email or call Christine for more information at christine.weidner@gmail.com or 414.791.3635