Welcome your new baby!

Rev. Chris performs Baptisms, Baby Dedications, Naming Ceremonies (both religious and non-religious) and multicultural baby welcoming services to honor the infant's family traditions and the new member of their family.  NO CHURCH NEEDED.  Have your ceremony in your home, or in a park or public venue. 
Those families who are not affiliated with a specific church or religion but want to have their infants baptized can do so!  
This beautiful ceremony includes not only the naming of the child but also baptism with water and traditional blessings of the child and family. 

This is an increasingly popular event where parents can publicly welcome their child and their hopes and intentions for the child. Compared to a Baptism or Christening, a naming ceremony can be a bit more festive but contains special ceremonial elements, too!  

Dedications are a blending of a traditional christening and a naming ceremony.  It can incorporate traditional, cultural or contemporary features, as the parents wish. 

Typically, the minister provides the ceremony's features
, after consulting with the parents.  If god-parents are selected, they are also involved in the ceremony with promises of future guidance and love.

Baptisms, Naming Ceremonies and Dedications usually take place at least six weeks after birth but before the child is three or four years old.   Keepsake certificates are issued by Rev. Christine for all naming, baptism and dedication ceremonies. 

Contact Rev. Chris for more information.  There is a standard fee for this service.  And, advance notice is required.