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Here at Florida State University we are currently partnered with the National Institute of Justice in developing new methods and tools to aid computer forensics investigators.  Being a research institution, we are more than happy to share our tools, methods, and lessons with people who are involved in the computer security field.  Please note, these tools are provided "As Is"  and we take no responsibility for their operation or use.  Also note, unless otherwise specified, all tools are published under the GPLv2.

BTW, if you have any research ideas or would like to see additional tools or improvments to current tools, please let us know.

Security Blog:

I maintain a security blog at the following site: 


Contact Info:

Matt Weir - weir[at]cs[dot]fsu[dot]edu

Sudhir Aggarwal - sudhir[at]cs[dot]fsu[dot]edu


A collection of most of our password cracking files:


John the Ripper Config File Generator version 1.0.1

JtR Config Generator

drcrack - dictionary based rainbow tables