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Reunion Calendar

Reunion is an interfaith community, practicing Restorative Justice in congregations, the community and in partnership with the justice system.

The most significant indicators of successful re-entry from incarceration are available to us immediately: Relationship. Community. Friendship. Healing. Reconciliation. Matters of the heart and spirit.

Reunion believes in a better way to address crime, justice, and brokenness than the present system offers. Current strategies of incarceration are more broadly experienced as retributive than restorative, leaving people psychologically and emotionally unprepared for successful reentry. By contrast, Restorative justice implements community-based processes of accountability, restitution, reconciliation and re-socialization. These new possibilities are only in reach as we learn together to be communities of redemption and love.

We will soon be offering training in restorative justice practices, along with opportunities to use those skills in congregations, the community and the justice system.

As we prepare our new restorative justice training and participation program, we invite you to participate in the activities on our current calendar.  Sign up for our mailing list and check back soon!