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Dismantling Mass Incarceration Through Relationship and Commitment.

The most significant indicators of successful re-entry from incarceration are available to us immediately: Relationship. Community. Friendship. Healing. Reconciliation. Matters of the heart and spirit.

Reunion believes in a better way to address crime, justice, and brokenness than the present system offers. These new possibilities are only in reach as we learn together to be communities of redemption and love.

Reunion is an interfaith community in Washington, DC, engaging 5 strategic initiatives to dismantle mass incarceration through relationship and commitment.

Reunion's five initiatives are:

1. Community.
As important as jobs and housing are to the success of men and women coming home from incarceration, even more important are a new set of friends and a new way of thinking. People who have been incarcerated need positive people to come home to. Not only that, but in order to bridge the divides of race and class which perpetuate injustice, people who have never been to prison need to come close and learn from people who have.
2015/2016 Goal: Reunion is developing a network of 50 Freedom Circle support groups in faith communities throughout Washington, DC. Learn more here.

2. Restorative Justice.
Current strategies of incarceration are more broadly experienced as retributive than restorative, leaving people psychologically and emotionally unprepared for successful reentry. Restorative justice implements community-based processes of accountability, restitution, reconciliation and re-socialization.
2015/2016 Goal: Reunion is practicing Restorative Justice Circles as a community-based alternative to incarceration in Washington, DC. Learn more here.

3. Economic Viability.
Men and women coming home often have insurmountable financial obstacles which further burden their families and communities. These obstacles include housing and employment discrimination, court fees, prison labor and more. Reunion will develop economic structures which stabilize individuals, families and communities.

4. Sentencing Reform.
The criminalization of drug abuse and mental illness contribute to high rates of incarceration and re-incarceration. Reunion will advocate for community-based health care as an alternative to incarceration.

5. Transcend systemic conflicts of interest.
Our nation says that those who have “paid their debt to society” should be contributing members of the community, but our good intentions are compromised by profit motives, political motives, policing tactics and more which compromise the intention of re-socialization. Reunion will give leadership as the whole community-- the whole nation—aligns to actualize our shared intentions for the common good.

                To bear a new kind of justice, we need to be a new kind of people. 
                    To be a new kind of people,
Reunion welcomes everybody.  Join us!