Useful links

Useful Resources:

1. Machine Learning in Python: Orange

2. List of papers on Link Analysis.

3. Maching Learning in Java:

4. Scientific Computation in Java: Cern Colt Scientific Library

5. Statistical Text Classification in C: BOW

6. Speech recognition in Java,C and Perl: CMU Sphynx

7. Commonsense reasoning system in Java,Lisp, and Python: OpenCyc

8. Robotic battletanks in Java: Robocode

9. Useful information about Web Mining, Text Mining.  

10. A great view of search engines.

11. Distributed data storage in Java: TSpaces

12. General C++ Data Structures and Algorithms: Boost

13. Peer to Peer in Java: Freenet

14. Computational Finance Algorithms in C++: Financial Numerical Recipes

15. Bioinformatics Algorithms in C++: BTL

16. Automatic English Sentence Segmenter

17. BioNLP Resources

18. CRF Project

19. Eric Brill's POS Tagger

20. fnTBL Toolkit

21. FlexCRFs (A Flexible Conditional Random Field Toolkit)

22. GATE - General Architecture for Text Engineering

23. LDC

24. LingPipe

25. LT TTT

26. Mallet

27. Maxent for POS tagging (Adwait Ratnaparkhi)

28. Maximum Entropy Modeling

29. Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK)

30. OpenNLP

31. Penn Tools

32. Resource by the Mitkov's Research Group in Computational Linguistics

33. Standford JavaNLP Project

34. Statistical NLP and Corpus-Based Computational Linguistics: List of Resources

35. TreeTagger

36. WordNet

37. WordNet::Similarity

38. YamCha

39. Web Mining

40. ................................