Mission Control


A big thanks to the following people, and anyone else I have forgotten to mention who have provided information or donated items to the collection.

Donations Welcome !

Of coure any monetary donations would be much appreciated if not computer donations. The collection is costing $$$ a few thousand dollars $$$ of compounding interest each year on a principal not being repaid. This collection needs to belong to the public and not myself and presented in a premises accessible to all, enjoyed by all, and for the benefit for all. 

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Alan Greenstreet Apple IIe systems x2 
Michael Cook, iQuest (NZ) Ltd Microbee & Disk Drive, Dick Smith VZ-300 
David Peterson C64 Soundchaser keyboard and C64 reset cart 
Victor McGill Amstrad CPC-464 and green screen monitor 
Anirog Software Various software titles from their catalog  
Aunty Rose Dick Smith VZ-200 and Dick Smith VZ-300 and software, books etc. 
Rex Johnson, Cromwell Amiga manuals and programming books 
Showing 7 items