What does a Pet, a Cat, a Jaguar, a Dragon, a Wizzard, a Sorcerer, an Aamber Pegasus, a Colour Genie, a Pied Piper, an Acorn, Apple, and Apricot all have in common? Or what about an Atom, Electron, Laser, an Enterprise, a Jupiter Ace, a New Brain, a Superbrain, an Einstein or an Archimedes have in common?  If you grew up or were around in the 1980s then you may recognise the names of some of these as being names of micro and home computers.  If you were introduced to computers in the next decade the choices were more bland and mostly in the camps of "a Mac or a PC".

Thank you for visiting my Retrowe Museum site. It has been mentioned that a hundred PHDs could be written about the contents of my house and collections. I like to tie together the many ideas of technology, information, media, and games!  
Nowadays, with the collection so wide I have re-branded myself as a collector of ideas.  
If it plugs in, it fits in, and in the collection you'll even 
find some old reel-to-reel tape machines, electronic keyboards, TVs, vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, toasters and other domestic technology. Aside from vintage computers and gaming, there is  a focus on New Zealand made electronics and electrical items to showcase our technologically superior past, self-sufficiency and sovereignty as a nation. 

How much of the present can be found in the past, what of the future was said in the past, and what we can learn about who we are I believe can be examined in the transcendent ideas of technology. I find hte best place to looks is  in the obsolence of our recent throw-away and technological past.
 Another important meditation is the difference between real and virtual, and as such I seek sponsorship (any altruistic patrons of technology out there?) for a real/physical public point of presence to express what I consider some of the most important ideas in a 21st century technology driven society - sustainability, identity, independence, privacy, democracy, media, spying, information ownership, copyright, patents, ownership, and control.

Please check out my 
photo albums which are in the process of being updated and contain many more photos of computers and the wider technology collection.

Thanks for the ODT article by Shawn Mcavinue (Feb-2013) - http://www.odt.co.nz/news/dunedin/244311/museum-sought-house-collection  

Oh, and no, Kim Dot Com never did reply to all my messages. I do get asked this from people from time to time.

The main photos below are somewhat out of date, showing about 1/3 or less of the collection which now occupies the whole house and then some.