Hi there. Welcome to one man's view of the world, and the future, as it was in the good old days. When computers did as they were told and not what they thought you really wanted. When movies were more than just a collection of CGI demo sequences.

Since I don't have the time to rewrite the Web,  this site is essentially a collection of links organised and enhanced by my memories of the time. In other words, this is just a neat way for me to keep track of my browser bookmarks.

At the moment there is very little to see here (other than memory joggers) but I hope to eventually cover the following topics.
  • Retro Futures    - What we are still waiting for (e.g. personal transport - Nanotech, Space travel)
  • RetroTech         - The revolution of anything electrical. From crystal radios to supercomputers
  • Retro Books      - Science Fiction rules but there are the Original Classics too.
  • Retro Movies     - TV and movies. Once again with a large science fiction bias
  • Retro Cartoons  - All forms of childhood animated classics. Watch with Mother to Gerry Anderson via Hannah Barbera
  • Retro Toys        - All the non tech gizmos and gadgets. Clackers to Rubiks
  • Retro Sweeties  - All the confectionery that has disappeared from the marketplace
For now, many of these will take you simple pages that contain further lists of what is planned under those headings and possibly a few notes on what I intend to cover. Once the content for a topic is more complete it will get added to the sidebar. If it ever gets big enough to warrant it I aim to create a nifty timeline to integrate all the threads into one big index type thing.

For those of you who are looking for a complete history of everything I am afraid you won't find it here. This site will be limited to my own choices of retro memories. Stuff I either had or wanted. However my memory is not what it was so if you see something you think I might have missed feel free to contact me and I might give it a mention or even go '
Dohh! how could I forgotten that' and give it pride of place.

To start with here are a few
links and contact details.

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