Beebris Falls onto Jaguar CD

Released by Reeboot, Beebris is a fun single-player puzzle game featuring several challenging game modes. Based on the popular tetromino arcade games, Beebris has 40 levels of difficulty, web-based high score tables and true one-more-game addictiveness. It features four distinct game modes. 

The package includes a tri-fold full-colour manual, thermal printed, encrypted Jaguar CD-Rom disc with a full-colour cover in a mini-dvd style box.

This is the first release on Jaguar using Reboot's new Universal Loading System to produce the CD image.  A second data disc accompanies the jaguar CD game disc. On there are some essential goodies!

Price is £15.00 including postage.  Full details and ordering information can be found here.


Death Tongue set to hit Jaguar

DeathTongue Productions brings you the first glimpse of Death Tongue -- a full Doom conversion for the Atari Jaguar.  The game uses a modified Doom engine and will use all new assets.  For a video teaser visit You Tube:

The video shows you many new textures that replace the standard Doom ones.  New sprites have been added like health potions, radioactive barrels, armour, and even a new enemy in the game.  Any sprite can be replaced in the game. The only coding not replaced in the demo are the level layouts.

In the coming months a small demo is planned to be released.  There is no release date set yet but the demo will work with Skunkboards, Flash Carts, Alpines, and possibly BJL and Jaguar CD.

DeathTongue Productions is the work of two Jaguar enthusiasts.  Belboz is the mastermind behind the coding, level design and sound work.  ViMaster is the artisitc talent behind the artwork, level design and sound work.  Both can be found on Jaguar Sector II.


Zaku packaging photos and price details released

The amazing looking new Lynx game Zaku has had details of it's packaging design and price details released today.  Packaging will come in a sturdy card box with slot for games and a full colour detailed instruction manual containg play tips and scren shots.  The card is also the same curved lip style as the original Lynx releases.  This is promising to be a very sought after game and sales are expected to be high.  Don't miss out on your chance to grab this fantastic new game.  Price has been set at $40.00 plus shipping which will be world wide.


Project One

Reboot have a new Jaguar game in development currently code named Project One.  It's a vertically scrolling shooter which although in it's early stages (currently only four weeks worth of coding) is looking very promising.  To check out a tasetr video click here.  It is hoped to fit the game onto a 2MB ROM.  The final version will be released for free, followed shortly afterwards by all source code, complete with all audio/visual assets for you all to look at or re-use to make your own levels.

The game currently features:

2-Layer 256 colour parallax 8-directional scrolling
448 by 10560 sized maps (screen window is 320x256)
4 independant, fully sequenced, independantly animated concurrent waves of enemies (8 per wave)
Air and Ground targets
128 on screen, completely independant tracking bullets.
Full collision detection between all moving objects
Multiple weapon power levels and bonus pickups
Multi channel digital audio sound effects (Not recorded in video due to VirtualJaguar's inability to run at the correct speed on my PC with DSP enabled)
All original artwork and level design
NTSC/PAL Autodetection
95\% of game logic running on the GPU giving a full 50/60 FPS of destructive action.


Lynx Flash Card Now Shipping

Lynxman is now taking payment for the Atari Lynx FlashCard.  If you were on the reserve list you should have been sent an email requesting payment.  If you havn't received one you'll best email him to find out why.  Here's his Atari Age profile:



Rygar, along with the help of Cooper, Fadest and Matthias has released a Lynx puzzle game called Bitchy.  The game has you re-arrange jumbled photos of female models in the same style as the old plastic slide games you used to get as a kid.  The game will not be released for sale but 20 lucky people have the chance of winning a copy by entering Rygers competition.  Details of how to enter are yet to be released.  To see a video of the game click this link:  To view the Atari Age forum thread on the game click this link:


Atari Jaguar Hockey

Jaguar Sector II has released a new Jaguar CD game called Atari Jaguar Hockey.  It is fully encrypted so ready to play on any standard Jaguar CD without the need for a bypass cartridge.  Cost for VIP subscribed Jaguar Sector II members is $30 plus shipping.  If you aren't a VIP then it'll cost you $35 plus shipping.   To order your copy of Jaguar Hockey please go to the Jaguar Sector II store. Payment is requested via PayPal, other payment arrangements can be arranged with Jay Smith for Jaguar Sector II.  Just PM him from their forum.


Lynx Flash Card

A Flash Card for the Atari Lynx is now complete (well apart from printing manuals).  It is the sole work of 'Lynxman' from Germany.   It will be compatible with the Lynx I and II, however a Lynx II is recommended.  Download will be via USB (cable included) at 115200Baud, 512K Flash.  You can load all kind of games, 128/256/512K.  This is worthwhile if you want to 'try' games being buying them for your collection.  The Flash Card can also be used to develop games for the Lynx.  It can hold 1 game (512K). 

The price is €79 + shipping.  If you'd like one you'll need to PM or e-mail Lynxman over at Atari Age.  



After several years in development 3D Stooges Software and Force Design today announced the release of their much awaited Atari Jaguar game Mad Bodies.  The game contains 10 stages of gameplay, colourful graphics, excellent sound effects and cool bosses.  Jaguar fans can't afford to miss out on this release.  To order your copy ($80 + shipping) head over to



Matthias Aschenbrenner is now shipping his new Lynx game Lynxopoly.  The cost is 29.00 Euros plus shipping.  To order a copy email Matthias; lynxopoly(AT)



The revision 2 Skunkboard from manufacturer Harmless Lion have started shipping as of today.  If you were lucky enough to get your name on the reservations list keep an eye on your e-mails, especially your spam folders, as payment is requested within three days of receiving the e-mail from Tursi.


RCM Retro Gaming Event - Open Day - May 31st 2009

The aim of RCM is that we want to open a Retro Computer/Console Museum to the public, a very much hands on museum where people can play the machines that started the home computer/gaming explosion. The museum currently owns just over 125 different systems, along with some duplicates too which takes us to over 200 systems.

The Institute, Swannington, Leicestershire LE67 8QL.   The event will run from 10.30am to around 5.30pm.
A map is available on the forums HERE
You can come onto the forums to find out further details or contact them HERE.


Retro Reunited Classic Gaming Convention - 12th/13th September 2009

Retro Reunited follows in the fine tradition of (though is not affiliated with) classic gaming conventions such as the CGE, The Retro Ball, Retro North and Byte Back.  This 2 day extravaganza will give everyone the chance to play on the computers and consoles from the golden age of videogaming including the Atari Jaguar!  Machines from the last 4 decades, charting the rise, fall and rise again of an industry that is now even more lucrative than Hollywood!  The event will be held at Cedar Court Hotel in Huddersfield U.K.  For more details click HERE.


Songbird Productions Aquire Frog Feast
ROCHESTER, MN -- Songbird Productions recently acquired the game Frog Feast from Charles Doty of RasterSoft. Songbird founder Carl Forhan commented "It's exciting that other hobby developers continue to support the Jaguar. I'm very happy to acquire full rights to Frog Feast and keep this game alive for Jaguar fans worldwide."

The CD version of Frog Feast is available immediately on the Songbird website. The cartridge version of Frog Feast may become available at a later time.

Songbird Productions is a premier game developer and publisher for the Atari Lynx and Jaguar. To keep up to date with the latest news at Songbird Productions, be sure to visit the company web site.

Eye Of The Beholder - Lynx
EricDeLee over at Atari Age is looking at producing a 60 cart run of Eye Of The Beholder.  He is in possession of the prototype full game so has all the code to enable him to burn some EPROMs and get this game out to the Lynx community.  40 carts will be plain old carts, no flash, no extras, no box. Just a plain copy of a working EotB Lynx game with save capability.  20 carts will be an Extreme Limited Edition version with multiple extras, and will come at a higher price.  To keep up to date on this game or submit your name for the near full list visit the thread over at the Atari Age Forum.

Do you fancy playing your Lynx on the big screen?  The dream is a reality for this 30 year old French man commonly known as Rygar on the Atari Age forums.  He's put together such a machine.  The prototype currently consists of a boxed configuration which a Lynx game plugs into.  A data cable then runs from this to the Lynx's cartridge slot and an audio/video phono lead that plugs into a TV or projector.  There's early talks of doing a production run of LynxVision should interest be high enough to warrant such a task.  Rygar is also the inventor of other genious Lynx set-ups including various controllers such as a pinball table, steering wheel and arcade stick.  Click here to check out his videos to see them all in action.

Lynx Game Lynxopoly
Keep your eyes open for a new Lynx game in development called Lynxopoloy.  Programmed by Matthias Aschenbrenner.  It is for one to eight players and takes on the style of a board game of a similar name.  There will be three playmodes and it is the first Lynx game where you can actually save your game progress.  If you are interested in buying this game when it is released then you can place a pre-oder by sending an e-mail to

JagLink 2

A three port hub that allows you to network multiple Jaguars together for the games AirCars, Battle Sphere and Doom.  Two of the ports have RJ11-4 (telephone style) connectors, while the third port has a card-edge connector. These three ports are used as follows:

  • RJ11-4 (telephone style) ports: These two ports are used to either interface to official JagLinks or interface to other JagLink 2s.
  • Card-Edge port: This port is used to connect to the DSP port on the back of the Jaguar console. Additionally, it is through this port that the JagLink 2 receives power.

Interested?  You can buy one over at Atari Age.

Jaguar Skunk Board Version 2
Harmless Lion announce the new version 2 Skunkboards.  The Skunkboard is a USB-based Jaguar development board containing flash as well as the ability to upload to Jaguar RAM.  Buyers can expect their order to include the software, drivers, and documentation to start using the board.
The release date is not yet set, but they should have something to say in the next few weeks.  Boards will be charged at $85 each + postage.
The version 2 boards have the following new features: 8MB Flash, Jag CD compatible, new look with black PCB and logo (specs are subject to change before release).
Interested parties are asked to register over at; and fill in the form.

Lynx - ZAKU
100% horizontal shooter running at 60 frames per second.  Currently in development by Penguinet.  Zaku is being managed by and will be produced and published by Super Fighter Team. The finished product will be presented in authentic Lynx style, including high quality game card, instruction manual and box.
To stay informed on Zaku release join their mailing list:
Official web page:

If you have any Lynx or Jaguar news you'd like our readers to know about please email Retrosprites Webmaster at with details and pictures.