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The Atari Lynx was the world’s first colour handheld computer game system.  It was developed by a company called Epyx who called the project "Handy".  After completion in 1987 Atari bought the rights to it. They changed the internal speaker, removed the thumb stick on the control pad and released it as the ''Lynx'' in 1989.  The price was set in the US at $189.95.  RJ Mical and Dave Needle (the inventors), were also members of the Amiga design team and to Atari's frustration the Commodore Amiga was used as the software development platform.
In 1991, Atari re-launched the Lynx with new packaging, slightly improved hardware, and a new sleek design. The new "Lynx II" featured rubber hand grips on the back and a backlit color screen with the option of turning the backlight off to save precious battery power.  It also replaced the mono headphone jack of the original Lynx with one for stereo sound.


The units also had a unique screen flip function allowing for right and left handed play.   It also features the ability to link up to 17 other units via ComLynx cables.  Despite this ability most games only network up to eight or less players.  The hardware can zoom and distort sprites and has the capacity for drawing filled polygons allowing for some groundbreaking 3D games.


Originally the game media was set to be loaded from tape.  It thankfully changed to using ROM.  These appeared as incredibly thin flat cartridges.  The cartridge styles changed from flat to ridged and finally to one with a curved upper lip.  Later releases appear on a PCB (printed circuit board).
Lynx games can also be played, although illegally, by means of an Emulator called Handy.  Handy can be downloaded for systems such as a standard PC and the Game Park Holdings GP2x handheld systems.  Seen here is Handy running on the GP2X F-200.
The actual games are downloaded as seperate files called ROM's.  You can also find homebrew games and demos available for download which makes Handy even more appealing to the Lynx fan. 

Atari Accessories:

  • ComLynx cable.  Connects multiple Lynx's together for multiplayer games.

  • AC adaptor.  Power the Lynx from a AC wall socket.  2-pin and 3-pin versions were available for the differing sockets of the UK and rest of the world.

  • Cigarette lighter adaptor.  Power the Lynx from a automobile cigarette lighter.  Will support one or two Lynx's simultaneously.
  • Sun Shields.  Folds down flat to protect the Lynx screen.  Folds up to shade the Lynx screen from sunlight for outdoor play.  There is a version for both Lynx models.  The top image is for the Mk2 the two below it are for the Mk1.

  • Battery Pack.  Holding six big D-size batteries, it is the perfect portable backup system to the AA batteries used in your Lynx video game.  The battery pack delivers all the power you need for many added hours of playing enjoyment.  A cable is included that plugs directly into the Lynx's power socket.  And your power pack goes with you go- on the bus, at the park, to a friend's house- you can hook it to your belt or attach it to a shoulder strap and carry the extra power with you.  Alkaline type batteries can provide power for up to 20 hours of power.

  • Carrying pouch.  Holds a Lynx, several game cards, and a ComLynx cable.  Attaches via a wrist strap or belt loop.

  • Kit Case.  Holds a Lynx, up to 24 game cards, and various accessories.  It has a padded interior with custom layout Velcro dividers.   Carry via a handle or shoulder strap.

Songbird Productions Accessories: 

  • Lynx/PC serial cable. Connect your Lynx to a 9-pin serial port. Used in the game Crystal Mines II: Buried Treasure, and with S.I.M.I.S. to allow downloading RAM-based homebrew games to your Lynx.

  • Game Wallet. Holds 9 games single-stacked, or 18 games double-stacked.  Made of Dupont Cordua water-resistant exterior, foam-backed soft headliner interior, 9 clear Vinyl pockets and a Velcro latch. Originally produced by Realm exclusively for the Atari Lynx.

Naki Products Accessories:

  • Power pack.  Mounts on the back of the Lynx II, comes with  an AC adapter which allows recharging while playing.  Comes in 110v (USA), 220v (Europe), or 240v (UK) formats.
  • Eliminator cleaning kit.  Cleans game cards and cartridge slots.  Comes  with swabs and cleaning solution.
  • AC adaptor.  Powers the Lynx from any 110v outlet.

  • Car Power.  Cigarette lighter DC adaptor.
  • Pro Pouch+.  Holds a Lynx and up to 20 game cartridges.  Nylon with adjustable carrying straps.  Comes in Black, purple, or teal blue.


Title Genre Company
Alpine Games Sports Duranik
Alpine Games Bonus Cart Sports Duranik
APB Arcade Atari
Awesome Golf Sports Atari
Baseball Heroes Sports Atari
Basketbrawl Sports Atari
Batman Returns Action/Platform Atari
BattleWheels Action/Driving Beyond Games
Battlezone 2000 Action/Arcade Atari
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure Action/Adventure Atari
Block Out Action/Strategy Atari
Blue Lightning Action Atari
Bubble Trouble Action/Adventure Telegames
California Games Action/Sports Atari
CGE 5th Anniversary Slide Show Songbird Productions
Championship Rally Action/Sports Songbird Productions
Checkered Flag Racing Atari
Chip's Challenge Puzzle Atari
Crystal Mines II Puzzle Atari
Crystal Mines II: Buried Treasure Puzzle Songbird Productions
Cyber Virus Action Songbird Productions
Cyber Virus: CinciClassic Edition Action Songbird Productions
Desert Strike Action/Strategy Telegames
Dinolympics Puzzle Atari
Dirty Larry: Renegade Cop Action Atari
Double Dragon Arcade/Fighting Telegames
Dracula the Undead Adventure Atari
DRAGNET (Sound Demo) Demo ATARI
Electrocop Action/Adventure Atari
European Soccer Challenge Sports Telegames
Fat Bobby Action/Platform Telegames
Fidelity Ultimate Chess Challenge Strategy Telegames
Gates of Zendocon Action/Shooter Atari
Gauntlet: The Third Encounter Action/Adventure Atari
Gordo 106 Platform Atari
Hard Drivin' Arcade/Driving Atari
Hockey Sports Atari
Hydra Arcade Atari
Hyperdrome Action/Sports Telegames
Ishido: The Way of the Stones Strategy Atari
Jimmy Connors' Tennis Sports Atari
Joust Arcade Shadowsoft
KLAX Action/Stategy Atari
Krazy Ace Miniature Golf Action Telegames
Kung Food Action/Fighting Atari
Lemmings Strategy Atari
Lexis Puzzle Songbird Productions
Loopz Puzzle Songbird Productions
Lynx Casino Strategy Atari
Lynx Diagnostic Developer Tool Atari
Lynx Reloaded Demo Bjorn Spruck
Lynx Othello Strategy Harry Dodgson
Malibu Bikini Volleyball Sports Atari
MegaPak 1  Puzzle Songbird Productions
Ms. Pac-Man Arcade Atari
NFL Football Sports Atari
Ninja Gaiden Arcade Atari
Ninja Gaiden III: Ancient Ship of Doom Action/Platform Atari
Pac-Land Arcade Atari
Paperboy Arcade Atari
Pinball Jam Arcade/Action Atari
Pit-Fighter Arcade/Fighting Atari
PokerMania Puzzle MW Software
Ponx Arcade Songbird Productions
Power Factor Action Atari
Qix Arcade Telegames
Raiden Arcade Shooter Telegames
Rampage Arcade Atari
Rampart Arcade Atari
Remnant Action/Arcade Songbird Productions
RoadBlasters Action/Driving Atari
Robo-Squash Action/Sports Atari
Robotron: 2084 Arcade Shadowsoft
Rygar Arcade Atari
Scrapyard Dog Platform Atari
SFX Developer Tool Songbird Productions
Shadow of the Beast Action/Strategy Atari
Shanghai Strategy Atari
S.I.M.I.S. Arcade/Action/Demo Self-Published
SokoMania Puzzle MW Software
Steel Talons Arcade Atari
S.T.U.N. Runner Arcade Atari
Super Asteroids & Missile Command Arcade/Action Atari
Super Off-Road Arcade/Driving Telegames
Super Skweek Action/Strategy Atari
Switchblade II Platform Atari
T-Tris Puzzle Self-Published
Todd's Adventures in Slime World Action/Adventure Atari
Toki Platfrom Atari
Tournament Cyberball Arcade/Sports Atari
Turbo Sub Action/Shooter Atari
Viking Child Action/Adventure Atari
Warbirds Action/Strategy Atari
World Class Fussball/Soccer Sports Atari
Xenophobe Arcade Atari
Xybots Arcade Atari
Yastuna Vol 1. Puzzle Homebrew
Yastuna Vol 2. (The Space Incident) Puzzle Homebrew
Zarlor Mercenary Shooter Atari


Other Games:

Title Company
Alien vs. Predator (Demo) Atari
Centipede 2000 (Demo) Shadowsoft
Cyber Virus Beyond Games
Daemonsgate (Demo) Atari
Dungeon Slayers Atari
Eye of the Beholder NuFX
Eye of the Beholder (DEMO) Homebrew
Fat Bobby (Demo) Lore Games
GeoDuel Atari
Lode Runner (Demo) Self-Published
Marble Madness (Demo)
Marlboro Go! (Demo) Digital Image
Mechtiles Atari
Pounce Atari
Relief Pitcher Atari
Road Riot 4WD Atari
TNT Terry Homebrew
Ultra Vortex Atari
Vindicators Atari



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