Please note tickets will be available day of show.
Tickets are available at the Five Flags Box Office in downtown Dubuque. 
Purchasing tickets directly from the box office or the day of show will avoid any extra service fees.
There are 3 ticket combinations.
1) Cars and Guitars/Film Festival Ticket ONLY - $10
2) Adam Lee Concert in the Five Flags Theater on Saturday Night ONLY - $10
3) Save $5 and purchase the FULL ticket - Cars and Guitars/Film Festival AND Adam Lee Concert -$15

DO NOT LOSE YOUR TICKET(S)  If you lose your ticket, you will have to purchase another.  You will have to show your ticket to get into the Arena and the Theater.  These have completely different entrances and proof of purchase is necessary to get in.  This means you have to show your ticket! 

Kids 10 and under are FREE!