Pin Up Contest


Remember a time before Hooters girls were showing everything....?
A time before Victoria's Secret commercials were on the TV....?

Our classic style pin up contest rewards those that go for the genuine vintage look.
Vintage attire is encouraged, but not required.  This exhibition is designed to be family friendly and PG rated. 

Back by popular demand, our traditional style contest returns!

Here are the details:

There is a limit of 13 contestants. All contestants will PRE REGISTER. Contestants who "just show up" will NOT BE ELIGIBLE. There will be no exceptions.

13 prescreened contestants - $25 entry fee. 

Potential contestants will fill out the entry form and send entry fee

Pre screening will be conducted by a panel of judges.

Entry form will have the following info needed.

- Whatever name you would like us to use. Pin Up names are not required if you dont have one yet.
- A FULL BODY or Professional photo. No selfies will be accepted. 
- Photos do not need to be professional but the quality should be good. 
- A mini bio letting us know who you are
- This is a traditional contest - all entries are female.
- Judges will choose from photos based on these criteria: authenticity of era represented (40s, 50s, or early 60s), originality, hair and wardrobe, and overall style. **In an effort to maintain authenticity, props are highly discouraged 

Successful candidates may also submit:
- A short bio with answers to questions asked. The coordinator will provide questions upon acceptance into the contest. These questions will potentially be used during the contest. The MC may ask alternative questions so be ready to speak publically!

The deadline for submissions is Dec 30 at midnight. No late submissions will be accepted.

The coordinator will contact successful candidates to compete on Jan 6. Candidates not selected will get refund. Candidates that were not selected are encouraged to try again next year!


Contestants must register with coordinator on site. They will sign release forms and be provided with rules. Anyone not following rules will be disqualified. Late registrants will also be disqualified.

The contest will run after the art auction around 6:00pm. Contestants are encouraged to enjoy the show between registration and the contest. ***Please be sure to obtain permission from car owners prior to shooting on, in or around their cars***

Top three will be winning $300 for 1st, $150 for 2nd, and $50 for 3rd.

All questions can be directed to Sara Hart

Best of luck, ladies!