Art Auction

Jim Hetzler (HETZ) from is rounding up some top national talent to be a part of the charity art auction at Retro Rewind.
What is different about this art auction is that half of the proceeds from the sale go directly to the contributing artist.
The other half will benefit the Hannah Wells Medical Trust.  For details on this, please visit
In order to maximize the exposure and money coming in for the auction, there will be bidding via Facebook 1 week prior to the event.
At that time, bidders worldwide can put in bids to help out the cause.
During the auction if an art piece does not exceed the amount that has been bid online, then the internet bidder will win the auction.
In this way, the exposure for the artists becomes even greater, and the entire world will be able to see what amazing items are going to be bid on.
Artists that have questions about helping out with the art auction - please contact