Meeting Agenda


Friday, April 24


Check-in by 5:00pm

Hotel Check-in; Pick up Conference Materials at Hotel

Hampton Inn


6:00pm, Hotel Lobby for pickup


6:30pm, Seating for Dinner at Centre College

Meet in Hotel Lobby for Van Pickup

Opening Dinner, Evans-Lively Room, Old Carnegie

·        Welcome from Centre College Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the College,
Dr. Stephanie Fabritius

·    Presentation, Mark Dahl, Lewis and Clark College
“The Gathering Storm: How Cloud Computing will Blow Away Existing Assumptions in Higher Ed Information Services”

·        Dinner

·        Campus Reports:  A representative from each campus should present a 2-3 minute overview of the kinds of activities, challenges, and projects taking place on your campus (now and over the past year)



Saturday, April 25


Meet in Hotel Lobby for Van Pickup

Hampton Inn


8:30 - 9:00

Centre College

Vahlkamp Theater, Crounse Hall

Opening Meeting:  “Building Collaborative Relationships: Collaboration and Integration”

Welcome: Keeta Holmes, Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning, Centre College





9:00 –10:15
(Choose a session)

Crounse 301

Single Sign-on with a Campus Portal

Todd Watson, Southwestern University


Small school paying for a large commercial portal, then ditching the service a year later and doing the big-school (uPortal) open-source approach.  The challenge of bringing together nearly a dozen different

applications (commercial AND open-source) to all work nicely within the portal framework.  Big project with small staff, but a large success.


Followed by a discussion of portal experiences and integrating services into one environment easily accessible to a campus community. 

Crounse 302

Technical Implementation and Support for Real-time videoconferencing

Discussion Moderator:  Jami Powell, Centre College


1.      Permanent installations vs mobile solutions

2.      Training issues

3.      Roles for supporting the communication: Who sets up? Who assists? Who trains?


Project Topic: 

Event Streaming (Athletics and other Campus Events)

Crounse 313

Projects and How Videoconferencing can be used in Instruction and Library Services

Discussion Moderator: Keeta Holmes, Centre College


1.      Examples of campus projects involving videoconferencing: best practices, potential areas of problems

2.      Working with faculty; support roles

3.      Delivering instruction via real-time video streaming

4.      Video-based Reference Chat services



·         Chat and Reference Support Tools using Meebo and Jing (Lesley Jackson, Centre College)

·         Free Tools: MIV, Dim Dim, Elluminate, etc  

·         Commercial Products: VBrick, Internet2, Polycom/Tandberg  




10:15 – 10:30

Morning Break – Hallway, Crounse Hall, Third Floor


10:30 - 12:00

(Choose a session)

Crounse 301


Discussion Moderator:  Shane Wilson, Centre College


Vendor Presentation, Jeff Propps, VMWare Practice Manager, Software Information Systems, “Virtual Desktops Leveraging VMWare View 3”


Campus Example, Todd Watson, Southwestern University, "Virtual Storage in a Mixed Platform Environment."


Crounse 302

Lecture and Content Capture:  “Course Capture as a Mechanism to Support Student Achievement”

Discussion Moderator:  Jami Powell, Centre College

Presentation, Michael McAlister, Tegrity


Library Computing Lab (Library Basement), Crounse Hall

Creating Instructional Materials: a Hands-on Workshop

Workshop leaders: Keeta Holmes, Centre College


Session participants will learn how to create web-based multimedia-enhanced instructional materials for training, course material preparation, and helpdesk applications.  We'll explore commercial products that allow you to easily create video and flash-based instructional materials that incorporate a variety of materials.


Crounse 313

The Online Media Center, from Dream to Reality

Discussion Moderator:  Candace Bonnett, Centre College


Presentation by Joe Wack and Rose Ann Hicks, Rhodes College

Followed by a discussion about other video delivery system technologies on other campuses


1.      Best practices delivering instructional materials and courses via video

2.      Examples of how multimedia files are best distributed and accessed

3.      Working with faculty and students

4.      Best practices for release forms and copyright


12:00 – 1:00

Lunch, Evans-Lively Room, Old Carnegie


1:00 – 1:30

Evans-Lively Room, Old Carnegie


Collaboration:  Tools and Strategies for supporting collaborative environments

Focus:  Online written collaboration

Presentation, Chester Andrews, Oberlin College, "Google Apps for Education:  Cloudy or Partly Cloudy?"




1:30 – 2:15

(Choose a session)

Crounse 301

Network and Helpdesk: 

Discussion Moderator: Art Moore, Centre College


·         Using Google Apps in Helpdesk Projects (Tanya Pfeffer)

·         Discussion of other Helpdesk Operations

·         LDAP/Authentication/User Account Setup Discussion

·         Security

·         Offsite storage

·         Enterprise Deployment


Crounse 313

Applications of Software as a Service (SaaS):  Instructional Environment

Discussion Moderator:  Candace Bonnett, Centre College


Session participants will explore the use of web-based applications and compare web-based applications with traditional software applications used in supporting group and team collaborations. 


·         Campus examples

·         Campus Roles

·         Best practices (Policies and Procedures)

·         Pitfalls to watch for

·         Training concerns


Crounse 315

Web 2.0 Applications and the Future of the Learning Management System (LMS)

Discussion Moderator:  Keeta Holmes, Centre College


·         LMS applications vs Moodle/Blackboard tools for Written Collaboration

·         Moodle Pilots and Other LMS Pilots

·         Third-Party Apps for LMS systems:  Highlighted Product, Wimba

·         Discussion: How do Cloud Computing and Web 2.0 applications impact LMS deployment?


Crounse 302

Applications of Saas:  Library services

Discussion Moderator:  Carrie Frey, Centre College


Discussion on how Google Apps are or can be used in Library services

2:15 – 2:45

Crounse 301

Collaboration:  Tools and Strategies for supporting collaborative environments

Focus:  Web 2.0 Technologies 

Wiki and Blogs:  Deployment, Usage, Training

Presentation: William Anderson, Atlassian’s Confluence as an Enterprise Wiki Solution


2:45 – 3:30

(Choose a session)

Crounse 301

Web 2.0 Technology Support:  Server side

Discussion Moderator:  Luke Hatcher, Centre College



User Account Setup


Enterprise solutions Deployment

Training and User Support


Crounse 313

Web 2.0 and the Library

Discussion Moderator:  Lesley Jackson, Centre College


Wikis, Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and other Social Networking sites


Crounse 302

Web 2.0 in Academic Technology:

Discussion Moderator:  Keeta Holmes, Centre College



·         Jason Alley and Courtney Bentley (Lafayette), "Using individual and course blogs in English and American Studies"


Followed by a discussion about project ideas, best practices, support roles, and measures for success


Crounse 315

Classroom Technologies that support Group Collaborative Work

Discussion Moderator:  Jami Powell, Centre College


Annotation technologies

Interaction devices (clickers, cell phones):  Shared Experiences / Comparisons of different systems

Software solutions for fostering in-class collaborations (Insight, DyKnow)


3:30– 3:40

Mid-Afternoon Break:  Crounse Hall, 3rd Floor




3:40 –4:40

(Choose a session)

Crounse 301

Network Management Tools

Discussion Moderators:  Shane Wilson, Centre College, and Todd Watson, Southwestern University


·         PowerShell

·         Virtualization

·         Other topics, as requested, by network admins attending   


Crounse 302

Mac Support

Discussion Leader: Rohit Ohri, Centre College 


Campus Examples Shared by: Tanya Pfeffer, Macalester College


Best practices for supporting Macs and Mac-users campus-wide


Making Mac support effortless; group discussion on how to handle challenges and issues preventing effortless support


Crounse 313


Presenter:    Seth Thompson “MS System Center”

Followed by a discussion of methods of software deployment and remote support


·         Virtualized Desktop Support

·         Remote Software Deployment

·         Remote desktop support

Crounse 315

Marketing Services

Discussion Leader:  Keeta Holmes, Centre College


·         Best practices in marketing your services  

·         Digital signage and information kiosks


Crounse 316

How to manage a student-run service for campus constituents

Discussion Leader:  Candace Bonnett, Centre College


This session will discuss how the CTL department at Centre College provides additional services to

faculty, staff and students with the assistance of student workers. We will present how this student-run service has emerged over the past 3 years. We will also show the results of a student worker survey which gave valuable information on what they liked and didn’t like as a result from running this additional service.

Topics:  training, creating instructional materials, testing the students on technology, motivating student workers, and marketing this service to the campus constituents.


4:45 – 6:00

(Choose a session)

Crounse 301

Use and Support of Mobile Devices (Smartphones and Netbooks) in Library Services


Discussion Moderator:  Art Moore, Centre College


Presentation: Jacob Hill and Kyle Jones, Elmhurst College

Crounse 302

Space Design and Planning Discussion


Jami Powell, Centre College, Workshop Leader


Session participants will collectively plan for 2 types of learning spaces confined by defined parameters


Space 1: Interactive Classroom that supports active learning pedagogy

Space 2: Collaborative Group Study/Workspace in a Library


Crounse 313

Green Initiatives in Computing


Presentation, Gerald Lukey, Lenovo


Crounse 316

Digital Archives / DSpace Discussion


Discussion Moderator, Bob Glass, Centre College


An informal discussion of digital archive solutions, including experiences using and implementing DSpace


Depart for Hampton Inn



Leave for Beaumont Inn

Dinner, Beaumont Inn, Harrodsburg, KY


Each campus group should share 1 project they would like to implement on their campus; 2 topics will be chosen to be discussed and planned the next morning in a group setting.






Sunday, April 26th


Checkout of hotel; Van pickup


9:00 – 9:45

Evans-Lively Room, Old Carnegie


Planning Session


Two campus groups will plan to implement their project together with the help of other colleagues around the room to help guide the planning process.  Each project should incorporate input from a variety of perspectives: network/infrastructure, helpdesk, library, and instructional technology


9:45 – 10:30

Evans-Lively Room, Old Carnegie


Integration:  Support Services, Organizational Structures, and Delivering Services

Discussion Moderator: Stan Campbell, Director of the Library, Centre College


Presentation:  Carrie Schulz, Rollins College

“Methodologies to build partnerships between IT and Library staff that entail Faculty projects”

Vahlkamp Theater, Crounse Hall

Centers for Teaching and Learning: Models, Best Practices, Services
Discussion Moderator:  Keeta Holmes, Centre College

Session participants will discuss the varying models of CTL centers that have been developed on campuses, what services they offer, and how such centers are managed and staffed

·         Student support for technology-enhanced assignments

·         Faculty development

·         Instructional design support

·         Academic Technology Support

·         Writing Center, Advising Services, Tutoring

10:30 – 10:45

Mid-morning Break


10:45 – 11:30

Evans-Lively Room, Old Carnegie


Information Commons Center Planning:  How do we get to the point of physically building the centers?

Discussion Moderator:  Carrie Schulz, Rollins College


A discussion about planning for Information Commons within Libraries with an emphasis on the kinds of considerations and challenges campuses face when designing an active center

Crounse 301


Network and Helpdesk

Tips, Tricks, and Tools


·         Rohit Ohri, Centre College “”

·         Todd Watson, Southwestern University, “Static IP management tool, Useradmin: menu-driven Tool, Nagios, and RRDTool/MRTG”

·         Other Volunteers?


Crounse 302


Digital Storytelling

Presentation, Hiroyo Saito, Haverford College


"Digital Storytelling using VoiceThread in Foreign Language Classes”


Followed by a discussion of other tools used on various campuses to support multimedia assignments and projects.


11:30 – 12:00

Evans-Lively Room, Old Carnegie


Retreat Overview and Discussion of Themes


Conference Evaluation

Door Prize Drawing: You must be present to win


Lunch provided in boxes






Keeta Holmes,
Apr 23, 2009, 12:40 PM