Rethinking Diagnostics: Health and Tech Workshop
Third Workshop: November 7, 2013
 Thursday, November 7, 2013
 The Media Lab, Atrium

Limited slots are available, please register  here!

Light snacks and beverages will be served.

Join us this time as we form project teams and start diving into specific diagnostic design and fabrication! We will help your teams to form and acquire all of the resources you need to bring ideas out of your head and into your hands! This workshop will serve as the next step towards the invite-only buildathon that we will host in 2 weeks in the Media Lab. It's an exciting time to join a team and crank away at the next generation of diagnostic devices!

How can we reshape the paradigm of health monitoring to reliably identify multiple health problems with a single cloud-connected device?
  • Last time, we brainstormed new ways of thinking about diagnostics for 12 "Core" conditions and five vital sign measurements. (See video to right)
  • How to build a Tricorder, a portable, handheld diagnostic device which can bring health solutions to consumers at home or in remote parts of the world?  Join us for a unique session of discussion and brainstorming to look at the matrix of problems and potential solutions in the diagnostic and healthcare space. 
  •  Clinicians and medical mentors will work with students and technologists to re-imagine how current diagnostic technologies can be re-designed and applied in new ways to determine and monitor many different health problems with a single device. 
  •  In our brand-new health tech lab, students are learning to fabricate, remix, and design detection and monitoring devices.  These students need your help and expert knowledge to create functional, useful, and innovative devices!.
  • Core Set of conditions
 Obstructive Sleep Apnea Stroke
 Urinary Tract Infection Anemia Atrialfibrillation
 Type 2 Diabetes Tuberculosis Leukocytosis
 Ear Infection COPD Hepatitis A
  • Vital Signs
 Blood PressureHeart Rate Respiratory Rate 
 Body Temperature Blood Oxygen     

MIT MAS S63: Engineering Health: How to Build a Tricorder

  • The overall goal of this new course is to build a real life Tricorder, as defined by the Tricorder XPRIZE with a purse of $10MM.  Through guest lectures from experts and 10 hands on laboratories, students will learn to fabricate, remix, and design detection and monitoring devices for health following the core focus on the Tricorder, a portable, handheld diagnostic device which can bring health solutions to consumers at home or in remote parts of the world.
  • Mentors and Speakers:
    • Steve Schwaitzberg, HMS, Head of Surgery, Cambridge Health Alliance
    • Rajiv Gupta, MD, PhD, MGH
    • Ivan Luptak, MD, PhD, Staff Cardiologist @ Boston Medical Center
    • Kris Olson, MGH Center for Global Health
    • Jacqueline Linnes, Boston University
    • Anne Goldfeld, Brigham and Women's Hospital
    • Johnathan Spector, Novartis
    • Ted Liao, Boston University
    • Kim Hammad Schifferly, MIT Lincoln Labs
    • Hadley D. Sikes, Assist. Professor, Chemical Engineering, MIT
    • Sangeeta Bhatia, Professor, HST/EECS/IMES, MIT
    • Rohit Karnik, Professor, Mechanical Engineering, MIT
    • Rich Fletcher, MIT
    • Krishna Yeshwant, MD, Google Ventures
    • John Werner, Camera Culture, MIT Media Lab
    • Betsy Goodrich, Manta Design Firm

    MIT Health-Tech Leadership:
    • Athanasios Athanassiadis (MIT MechE)
    • Lina Colucci (Harvard-MIT HST)
    • Jose Gomez-Marquez (MIT Media Lab)
    • Ayesha Khalid (MIT Sloan)
    • Victor Lesniewski (MIT MechE)
    • John MacDonald (MIT Sloan)
    • Ramesh Raskar (MIT Media Lab)
    • David Scott (MIT Brain&Cognitive Science)
    • Pratik Shah (Broad Institute)
    • Hok Hei Tam (MIT ChemE)
    • John Werner (MIT Media Lab)
    • Allison Yost (MIT MechE)
    • Anna Young (MIT D-Lab)

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    Rethinking Diagnostics: First Workshop

    MIT Tricorder Class

    Video explaining importance of portable diagnostics, by XPRIZE Foundation.  This event is not affiliated with XPRIZE, but inspired by their mission.

    XPrize Tricorder Challenge