Ideas for retail advertisers


According to Kelsey Group and Constat, 70% of US adults use the Internet as an information source when shopping locally for products and services.

Business Challenge:
Support new Store openings | Increase Same-Store Sales

Retailers are finding the ubiquitous use of Google, and the tremendous geo-targeting capabilities to be a one-two punch for driving new store traffic and spiking sales at existing stores. Below are some examples of how marketers are leveraging Google to address these business challenges:

Local Business Ads

Local business ads enable you to promote your location-based products and services to customers in your area. These ads appear with an enhanced map component on Google Maps and in a text-only format on and other sites in the Google network. Local business ads are available for business locations wherever we have Google Maps (U.S, U.K, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, and Spain). Google's goal is always to offer users relevant information through our search results and advertising.

Advertisers can use store brand terms as well as category terms like 'kitchenware' and 'shoes' to advertise local stores and to drive business to that category page on the store's website.



 Leveraging Google Maps
In-Store Product Promotional Idea: An interactive Store locator to be implemented on that shows a coupon, *video of where the jeans section is located at the store, and Store information ( generic store ). You could set up each store map as the destination URL from your AdWords creatives around keywords "sale [your store name] " and target it by DMA

Google Maps Mashup = Google Maps + any other data (craigslist , Google Video , images, other APIs )

Here's the demo of an interactive Store locator




Printable Coupons in Google Maps

Have printable coupons for your business available online to and Google Maps users. This can be a great means to drive traffic in-store.

More information on coupons

Example of a printable coupon after searching for "Pizza Hut Dallas, TX"



 Highlight Store Locations on Google Earth

Want to know more about a specific location? Dive right in -- Google Earth combines satellite imagery, maps and the power of Google Search to put the world's geographic information at your fingertips.

Use Google Earth to give your users that unique experience of using satellite imagery.

Give your users a new experience when finding your stores

This Safeway Store tour demo is best viewed in Google Earth 4.

In addition, in this example , inside the information bubble, you can have users add the Safeway Gadget to their Google homepage

Watch a Google Earth tour highlight an apparel company's vision on their clothes Youtube video

Business Challenge:
Support Product Initiatives | Target Micro-Segments

Google’s ability to find information on the Internet is well known. Now we can offer the ability to target ads to specific content within the largest ad network on the web. Each day, Google can target users on 4.5B page views – helping you put the right ad in front of the right users and perfect your niche marketing objectives. Here are three examples of how a retailer can advertize a product line of shoes using Google's paid search listings and site targeting using a standard text ad, a click to play video ad and a Google gadget.

Multiple Creative Options Target Audience Segments on Google's network

Business Challenge:
Brand/Image Building | Generate Engagement

Google top priority has always been to focus on our user’s satisfaction. This has created a powerful and trusted environment for marketers to connect with consumers. And today, Google’s ability to connect with consumers goes well beyond search via the Google Network: the largest online ad network on the Internet, which supports banners, video ads, and gadgets.

Retailers are starting to realize the power of Google products such as AdWords Site Targeting ,Online Video and Gadgets.

Be there when users are on affinity sites

Have your message be timely and precise when users are reading an article about fashion.








Connect with Online Video to extend branding efforts

Adidas Click to play video ad example

More information on Google Adwords Video ads demos can be found here



Engage Consumers with Google Gadgets

Google Gadgets are merely mini-applications that live in a personalized environment. But with Google Gadgets, you have these mini applications live on iGoogle , the desktop and any webpage. Through iGoogle and any webpage, users can download a gadget. Users can also send gadgets through email. Google gadgets are being seen as the new viral ad type.

You can create and use Google Gadgets to:

  • Create another channel to engage current and new customers
  • Introduce new products
  • Provide opportunities for brand consideration
  • Drive sales of your product online and offline
  • Reach a broader audience
  • Allow for an ongoing brand presence
  • Provide product feedback and updates

Here's the gadget living on this webpage.

Business Challenge:
Leverage Spend via Integrated Program

Sometimes the challenge is simply this: Getting a budget to work extra hard to achieve goals that seem to outstrip spend. One retailer turned to Google to accomplish just this, and with the same year over year budget saw dramatic improvement with an integrated program.

This retailer integrated the reality show "Schooled".   It also took advantage of using Youtube. 

It promoted the campaign online and offline through
Google’s Free Distribution Products and the Google Advertising Network.
We measured results through press mentions and impressions on the
cobranded page and the retailer website visits.