Choir, Rosary, Fellowship and more.



Every morning, Monday - Friday, you are invited to join saying the Rosary from your home with the other parishioners.  All participants begin at 10 a.m.  

The group also says the Rosary on Sunday, before Liturgy at 9:15am.  

Contact Marge Modelewski,, or 631-258-0020, for more information.  


  • Joseph Durko
  • Judith Walsh
  • +Daniel Holodick
  • +Charles Marcus

Talk to our co-chairs, have a look at the descriptions for each committee and make a prayerful decision about where you belong and what you can do.  We need people willing to attend planning meetings, people to work on projects, and people to support all these activities by prayer and fasting. These Action Committees are about living out our faith: working AS the Church more than working FOR the Church. They do not replace anything that’s already up and running.

Plant and Property Management: Co-chairmen: Stan Purgar and Bob Knapp

THE WOMEN OF RESURRECTION meet first Sunday of each month. Co-presidents:   All  women are always welcome to participate.    

CRAFTY LADIES - Kathy Latunik 

MEN’S CLUB meets 3rd Sunday of each month after Liturgy.  

Our parish is one of the seven local churches maintaining the SMITHTOWN EMERGENCY FOOD PANTRY.  Marge Modelewski,
coordinates our participation.