Childrens Liturgy of the Word

Children's Liturgy of the Word


                     These Sessions take place during the 10:30 AM Sunday Mass.  The Children are dismissed after the Penitential Rite.

Cycle B (Green Book)

Sept. 16                24th Sun. Ordinary Time                                 Karen Muensterman       

Sept. 23                25th Sun. Ordinary Time                                 Karen Muensterman

Sept. 30                26th Sun. Ordinary Time                                 Karen Muensterman

Oct. 7                    27th Sun. Ordinary Time                                 Karen Oursler & JoEllen Wassmer

Oct. 14                  28th Sun. Ordinary Time                                 Cait Mitchell, Haley & Mallory Anson                                      

Oct. 21                  29th Sun. Ordinary Time                                 Heidi Griese & Holly Sparks

Oct. 28                  30th Sun. Ordinary Time                                 Tamarea Kramer & Linda Pfister

Nov. 4                    31st Sun. Ordinary Time                                 Karen Muensterman

Nov. 11                  32nd Sun. Ordinary Time                                Karen Oursler & JoEllen Wassmer

Nov. 18                 33rd Sun. Ordinary Time                                 Cait Mitchell, Haley & Mallory Anson

Nov. 25                 Christ the King                                                 NO PROGRAM (Thanksgiving Break)

Begin Using Cycle C (Red Book)

Dec. 2                    1st Sun. Advent                                              Heidi Griese & Holly Sparks

Dec. 9                    2nd Sun. Advent                                            Tamarea Kramer & Linda Pfister

Dec. 16                  3rd Sun. Advent                                               Karen Muensterman 

Dec. 23                  NO PROGRAM                                                (Christmas Break)

Dec. 30                  NO PROGRAM                                                (New Year’s Break)

Jan. 6                     The Epiphany of the Lord                             Karen Muensterman

Jan. 13                  Baptism of the Lord                                        Karen Oursler & JoEllen Wassmer 

Jan. 20                  2nd Sun. Ordinary Time                                 Cait Mitchell, Mallory & Haley Anson

Jan. 27                  3rd Sun. Ordinary Time                                  Heidi Griese & Holly Sparks

Feb. 3                    4th Sun. Ordinary Time                                   Tamarea Kramer & Linda Pfister

Feb. 10                  5th Sun. Ordinary Time                                   Karen Muensterman

Feb. 17                  1st Sun. Lent                                                    Karen Oursler & JoEllen Wassmer

Feb. 24                  2nd Sun. Lent                                                   Cait Mitchell, Haley & Mallory Anson

Mar. 3                   3rd Sun. Lent                                                    Karen Muensterman

Mar. 10                 4th Sun. Lent                                                    Heidi Griese & Holly Sparks

Mar. 17                 5th Sun. Lent                                                    Tamarea Kramer & Linda Pfister

Mar. 24                 Palm Sunday                                                   Karen Muensterman

Mar. 31                 NO PROGRAM                                                Easter Break

April 7                   2nd Sun. Easter                                              Karen Muensterman

April 14                 NO PROGRAM                                                FIRST COMMUNION

April 21                4th Sun. Easter                                                 Karen Oursler & JoEllen Wassmer

April 28                5th Sun. Easter                                                 Cait Mitchell, Haley & Mallory Anson

May 5                   6th Sun. Easter                                                Heidi Griese & Holly Sparks

May 12                 7th Sun. Easter                                                Tamarea Kramer & Linda Pfister

May 19                 Pentecost                                                        Karen Muensterman