Mass Intentions      

Mon.       04/15     7:30 AM- Irene Ruston

Tue.        04/16   7:35 AM-Arthur Wibbels

Wed.      04/17   6:15 AM-Communion Service

Thu.        04/18     6:15 AM-NO Communion Service

                                7:00 PM-Holy Thursday Mass

                                        -Elmer Goedde

Fri.          04/19     6:15 AM-NO Communion Service

                                7:00 PM-Good Friday Service

Sat.          04/20     8:00 PM-Agnes Tieken

Sun.        04/21   8:00 AM-Elvira Neumann

                                                -Martha Luigs

                                10:30AM-Fr. Phi Kreilein                                       



Monday 4-15 Mass at 7:30 AM

Tuesday 4-16 Communion Service at 6:15 AM

Tuesday 4-16 School Mass at 7:35 AM

Wednesday 4-17 Communion Service at 6:15 AM

Thursday 4-18 Confessions 1:45 – 2:15

Thursday 4-18 Holy Thursday Mass – 7 PM

Friday 4-19 Confessions 1:45-2:15 PM

Friday 4-19 Good Friday Service at 7 PM

Saturday 4-20 Holy Saturday – Easter Vigil – 8 PM

Sunday 4-21 Easter

Sunday 4-21 Mass at 8 AM

Sunday 4-21 Mass at 10:30 AM


Sunday Offerings:                                $ 16,355.00          $616,007.27

Direct Debit:                         $  6,537.00            $180,961.60

Children Offerings:              $      3.50                $     38.50

Total Offerings:                    $ 22,895.50          $797,007.37

Needed for Budget:            $ 18,960.00          $758,400.00        

Gain or (Loss):                      $  3,935.50            $ 38,607.37


Monday                 -Quilters meet at 5 PM/Parish Basement

                                -Religious Ed at 6:30 PM

Tuesday                 -Knitting & Crocheting-5:30 PM

Thursday                -AHG Ministry Team Meeting – 5:30 PM

                                -Holy Thursday Mass at 7 PM

Friday                     -Good Friday Service at 7 PM

Saturday                -Easter Vigil Mass at 8:00 PM           

Sunday                   -HAPPY EASTER   

                                -Mass at 8:00 AM

                                -Mass at 10:30 AM

ALUMINUM CAN MONEY for the month is $128.40.

 VOLUNTEERS are needed for the mowing crews this summer.  Contact Jerry Schreiber at 812- 305-4655.

 NEEDED FOR ADORATION – Tue. 12 noon, Thur. 5 PM, Friday 10 AM, 11 AM & 3 PM, Sat. 6 AM & 9 AM and Sunday 3 PM.  Please contact Theresa Frielinghausen @ 963-5103

 MARK YOUR CALENDAR- Saturday, May 4th Resurrection Catholic School presents #momlife – Fashion Show Fundraiser.  Must be 21 to attend.  Raffle Prizes, Breakfast Munchies and tasty drinks, sweet treats and lots of wonderful shopping opportunities from local vendors.  Cost - $20 per person or for the VIP seating and extra’s $30 per person.  Contact Brandy Collins @ 812-677-0239

 UPDATE YOUR INFORMATION Has your phone number or address recently changed? Please update your membership information with any changes, additions, or deletions that have occurred in your family over the past year by contacting the parish office at 812-963-3121


Sunday    8:00 AM-Volunteers Needed

          10:30 AM-Volunteers Needed


Sunday      8:00 AM- Dan Niemeier

                  10:30 AM-Tammy Schroeder


Sunday    8:00 AM- Gene Baumgart/Karen Oursler

                                 -Greg Schmitz/Deb Record

                                 -Samantha Kirsch

                10:30 AM-Mary Ann Shetler/Cheryl Harsh

                                 -Dan Harsh/Brenda Altstadt

                                 -Allison Yancey


Sunday     8:00 AM-- Jim Balbach/Wayne Botzum

                 10:30 AM-Scott VanMeter/Mike DeJean

                                  -John Schroeder



                 10:30 AM-VOLUNTEERS NEEDED


Saturday   8:00 PM-Greg Schmitz

Sunday      8:00 AM- Mary/Gene Baumgart

                  10:30 AM- Tammy/John Schroeder


Martha Brockmole, Gene DeCoster, Anna & Tom Filbert, John & Wanda Galbreath, Bud & Nancy Guetling, Don Jackson, Al Knapp, Margaret Kuhlenschmidt, Mike Oursler, Steve Reine, Angie Strehl, Joe Thompson

C.P.C UPDATE: Total pledges to date - $129,181.32.  Percent of Goal – 69%.  Total cards returned is 402 which is 80 percent of the goal.  Our Goal this year is $186,588.00.  Balance is $57,406.68.


APRIL 15, 2019

Dear Parishioners,

                As we move through the readings of Holy Week, we go back in time and try to experience the events of Jesus’ last week on earth as if we were bystanders.  We exult with Him as He rides triumphantly into Jerusalem in the midst of the cheering crowd.  We see Him sharing a bittersweet Last Supper with his closest friends.  We watch Him sweat during the Agony in the Garden as He faces the grim reality of what lies ahead.  We wince for Him as He endures the humiliation of being stripped of His dignity, taunted and tortured.  We trudge along with Him as He wearily carries His cross through streets He had entered in triumph only days before.  We mourn for Him as He dies in apparent defeat.

                 As we recall these long ago events, we feel like bystanders, but we are not.  We are part of the story and the story is part of us.  At one time or another, we all experience fleeting moments of triumph when we enjoy the respect and admiration of others – moments when our team wins, when our plans succeed, when we are congratulated and honored.  And at one time or another, we will all experience bittersweet last moments with loved ones - a last dance, a last walk, a last conversation, a last meal.  Sooner or later, most of us will go through the agony of having to face a reality that we do not want to face – a bleak diagnosis, the death of a loved one, or other tragic news.  All human beings experience moments of humiliation and some  unluckier ones know what it feels like to be bullied or abused. Most adults know what it feels like to be weighed down with a burden that seems too heavy to bear. And sooner or later, most of us will experience weakness, loss of dignity and loss of control.  Eventually all of us will die. 

                Thinking about the suffering and death that are part of every human life can be depressing, but those of us who have faith in Jesus are comforted by the knowledge that just as we move through Holy Week with Him, He moves through the trials and tribulations of our lives with us.  We are never alone, even in our darkest, ugliest, most shameful hours.  There is no low that we can sink to that is too low for Jesus to go and no personal hell that He cannot raise us from.

                As we move together through this Holy Week, may our hearts and minds be centered on Jesus. May we reach out with compassion to all those we know who are suffering and rejoice together in the Resurrection. --                Parish Staff

 SCRIP CARDS make great Easter Gifts.  Scrip forms are in the back of the church.  Make sure you order by this weekend to receive in time for Easter

 DUMPLING HELP NEEDED - We are needing volunteers to help us make dumpling on Thursday May 16 from 12:30 until 3:30 PM, Friday May 17th from 12:30 until 3:30 PM, Saturday May 18th is 8 AM until 11 AM and Sunday May 19th is 8 AM until 11 AM.  Please help us out.   

12TH ANNUAL FRIENDS OF THE POOR WALK - Sponsorships are now being accepted for this annual walk to benefit the Society of St. Vincent dePaul. The walk will be Saturday, September, 21 on the Evansville State Hospital grounds. Forms can be found in the parish office or online at svdpevansville.org/walk-for-the-poor


On Good Friday, April 19, 2019 the Catholic movement, Communion and Liberation, will sponsor a Way of the Cross beginning at the Four Freedoms Monument in Downtown Evansville and concluding at St. Mary Catholic Church.  We will begin at 3:30 pm and will reflect on the path that Christ followed for our redemption.  The event should finish around 5:00 pm.  Please join us for this public opportunity for prayer.  If you have questions, please contact Fr. Alex Zenthoefer at azenthoefer@evdio.org.

DO YOU ENJOY FRESH, CHEMICAL –FREE PRODUCE?  If so, Seton Harvest, a community-supported agriculture initiative sponsored by the Daughters of Charity, would like to invite you to become a shareholder in our Certified Naturally Grown vegetable farm.  For more information contact Julie Deitz, Community Outreach Manager, at 812/963-7692 or Julie.Deitz@doc.org., or visit our website at www.setonharvest.net. 

THE CHRISM MASS WILL BE CELEBRATED ON TUESDAY, APRIL 16, 5:30 PM CDT, AT HOLY REDEEMER CHURCH IN EVANSVILLE (DUE TO ONGOING CATHEDRAL RENOVATIONS). This is the Mass where the holy oils used throughout the year are blessed and consecrated, and the priests of the diocese make a public renewal of their priestly promises to serve Christ and the Church. The Sacrament of Reconciliation will also be available prior to the Mass. All are invited to attend, show your support for the service of our priests, and pray together as a diocese in those holy days leading up to Easter.

REQUEST FROM THE ST. JOSEPH CEMETERY - Please help us get ready for the mowing season by removing the Christmas decorations from the graves of your loved ones. All statues, mementos, balloons, and other items not attached firmly to your gravesite marker must be removed.