Mass Intentions      

Mon.       11/05     6:15 AM-Communion Service

Tue.        11/06     7:35 AM-Tom Mills

Wed.      11/07     6:15 AM-Communion Service

Thu.        11/08     6:15 AM-Communion Service

Fri.          11/09     6:15 AM-Communion Service

Sat.          11/10     5:00 PM-Kent Gambrel

                                                -Jane Stewart

Sun.        11/11     8:00 AM-Bill Macke

                                                -Jeff Hermann

                                10:30AM-Olivia Adler         


 YOUR GIFTS TO GOD   October 27 & 28:          YTD

Sunday Offerings:                $ 8,880.00             $260,711.33

Direct Debit:                         $ 3646.00              $ 78,533.60

Children Offerings:              $    4.50                  $    22.25

Total Offerings:                    $12,530.50           $339,267.18

Needed for Budget:            $18,960.00           $341,280.00

Gain or (Loss):                      (- $6,429.50)         $  -2,012.82


Monday                 -Religious Ed Class – 6:30 PM

Saturday                -Confessions 4:00 PM

                                -Mass at 5:00 PM

Sunday                   -Mass at 8:00 AM

                                -Mass at 10:30 AM

                                -American Heritage Girls meet 3-5 PM

                                -High School Youth Group meets-6-9PM

 RESURRECTION VETERANS DAY CELEBRATION – On November 9th at 9 AM we will have a mass for all Veterans.  There will be a reception to follow in the cafeteria.  All Veteran are welcomed.

 SCRIP NEWS – Only 7 more weeks until Christmas.  Gift cards are very easy to purchase and when you purchase gift cards from Resurrection scrip you are giving back to the church.  We have scrip forms in the back of the church.  Just turn in the filled out form on Sat. or Sun in the collection basket and get the cards back Sunday.  You don’t have the hassle of the Christmas crowds or having to return items that did not fit or was just not what someone wanted.  Purchase your cards today!!!

 WE WILL NOT BE SELLING the dry dumplings this year for Thanksgiving.  Hopefully we will be able to resume those sales next year.

 MOWING HELP NEEDED – Resurrection has 11 acres to maintain and we are needing help with the mowing and trimming.  We have three types of riding mowers, push mowers and trimmers.  If you have some extra time and would like to be part of the mowing crews call Jerry Schreiber at 812- 305-4655.


Saturday   5:00 PM-Jeff Wassmer

Sunday    8:00 AM-Joe Berendes

          10:30 AM-Linda Pfister Family


Saturday   5:00 PM- Jo Ann Weber

Sunday      8:00 AM- Saundra Humm

                  10:30 AM- Judy Bretz


Saturday  5:00 PM-Bill Schenk/Agnes Waninger

                                  -Jenny DeVault/2 Volunteers Needed

Sunday    8:00 AM-Paul & Sylvia Baehl/Adam Babillis

                                   -Clint Mullinex/Ian East

                  10:30 AM-Stephanie Buchanan

                                   -Tracey Hudson/Claudia Duncan

                                   -Emma Hoffman/Anna Claybon


Saturday  5:00 PM- Ed Fisher/Bob Weber

Sunday     8:00 AM-John Brendel/Marcia Jochem

                                  -Lawrence Humm

                  10:30 AM- Paul & Kyle Scheller


Saturday  5:00 PM-Bailey Collins & Grant McIntosh

Sunday   8:00 AM-Faith Goergen & Maria Ousler

                 10:30 AM-Claire Allen & Paige Gardner


Saturday   5:00 PM-JoAnn & Bob Weber

Sunday      8:00 AM-Bryan & Meghan Bretz

                  10:30 AM-Judy Bretz

 OUR COLLECTIONS ARE DOWN!  In the wake of Father Phil's illness and death, our weekly Mass Collections have been steadily declining. If this troubling trend continues, we will soon have serious problems meeting our expenses. Father Phil was a much loved Pastor whose welcoming spirit and engaging homilies encouraged us to flourish and grow as a parish, but he would be the first to remind us that a church is much more than the priest at the altar or behind the lectern.  We are the Church! Let us continue to fill up the pews and give of our time, talent and treasure.  Our future as a community of faith depends on each us!

NOVEMBER 4, 2018

Dear Parishioners,

                On October 28th and 29th, 2018, we gathered with members of our larger Catholic Community to celebrate the life of Father Phil Kreilein.  We stood in long lines to pay our respects and to share heartwarming memories and funny stories. We wept and laughed, sang and prayed, and shared the Eucharist together in the Church he so loved.  After the funeral Mass, we shared another wonderful meal together in the Cafeteria that he worked so hard to renovate.   Our heartfelt gratitude is extended to everyone who helped to make those two days so memorable.  A special thank you to Father Steve Lintzenich for his beautiful tribute to Father Phil at the vigil and for his meaningful homily at the Mass. Father Steve was a loving friend to Father Phil for many years and a great comfort to him during his illness.  Another special thank you goes to Father Tyler Tenbarge who celebrated a beautiful and joyful Mass in memory of Father Phil for the Resurrection School children and staff.

                Below is a final photo of Father Phil’s earthly body at rest in the church. It was taken after the vigil service on Sunday evening. We know how he loved his colored flood lights so we left them on all night for him.

                We will all carry Father Phil’s memory with us as we move forward to embrace our future as a community of faith.  As a first step on that path forward, we extend a warm welcome to Father Godfrey Mullen, who will serve as Administrator Pro Tempore of Resurrection Church until a pastor is appointed.  We are grateful to Father Godfrey for his willingness to share his time and energy with our parish and look forward to working with him.