March 25, 2018
Mass Intentions

Mon.      03/26      7:30 AM  -  Mike Rexing

Tue.        03/27     6:15 AM  -  Communion Service

Wed       03/28      6:15 AM  - Communion Service

Thu         03/29     7:00 PM  -  Tom Hartz

Fri.         03/30      1:30 PM  -   Scriptural Rosary

                                7:00 PM  -  Good Friday Service

Sat.          03/31     7:00 PM -  Agnes Tieken

                                                 -  Chris McIntosh

Sun.        04/01    6:30  AM   - Margie Crowe and Deceased

                                                                Family Members

                               8:00 AM   -  Jim Will Sr.

                                                  - Bill & Margaret Macke

                              10:30 AM  -   Ryan Burns

                                                 -   Shirley Knapp


COMMUNION SERVICES:  Mon - Wed. at 6:15 AM

NO ADORATION IN THE CHAPEL – Thursday through Sunday



Mon. – Fri.            - Spring Break at Resurrection

Monday                 - Confessions from 6-7PM

                                - Resurrection Men’s Club at 7:00 PM

Tuesday                 - Chrism Mass at St. Benedict Cathedral

                                - Financial Peace - 6:30 pm – 8 pm

Wednesday           - Confessions from 6 -7 PM

Thursday               - HOLY THUSDAY MASS 7 PM

Friday                     - Scriptural Rosary at 1:30 PM

                                - Good Friday Service – 7 PM

Saturday                - Easter Vigil and Mass at 7 PM

Sunday                   - HAPPY EASTER SUNDAY!!

                                - Mass at 6:30

                                - Mass at 8:00AM

                                - Mass at 10:30 AM


WE WILL NOT BE PLACING SCRIP ORDERS THIS WEEK.  If you placed an order you will not receive it until the weekend of April 7th and 8th after the Easter weekend.  Thanks for your continued support with the Scrip Program.


DESSERTS NEEDED FOR NUT CLUB DINNER - The RPC is sponsoring a dinner for the Nut Club on Tuesday April 3rd.  They are in need of desserts for this dinner.  Please drop off your dessert any time on Mon. April 2nd or in the morning on Tues. 3rd   in the School cafeteria.


C.P.C UPDATE: Total pledges to date - $126,067.00 Percent of Goal – 68 %.  Total cards returned is 365 which is 73 percent of the goal.  Our Goal this year is $176,453.00.  Balance is $50,386.00.               


 DO YOU ENJOY FRESH, CHEMICAL –FREE PRODUCE?  If so, Seton Harvest, a community-supported agriculture initiative sponsored by the Daughters of Charity, would like to invite you to become a shareholder in our Certified Naturally Grown vegetable farm.  For more information contact Julie Deitz, Community Outreach Manager, at 812/963-7692 or Julie.Deitz@doc.org., or visit our website at www.setonharvest.net. 


THE CHRISM MASS will be celebrated on Tuesday, March 27, 5:30 PM CDT, at Saint Benedict Cathedral. This is the Mass where the holy oils used throughout the year are blessed and consecrated, and the priests of the diocese make a public renewal of their priestly promises to serve Christ and the Church. The Sacrament of Reconciliation will also be available prior to the Mass. All are invited to attend, show your support for the service of our priests, and pray together as a diocese in those holy days leading up to Easter.


NEEDED FOR ADORATION – Monday at 10 AM, Thursday at 5 PM, Friday at 3 PM and Saturday at 7.


Dear Parishioners,

                Deepest sympathy to Pat Hartz and Keith & Kirt Hartz on the death of husband and father, Thomas Hartz. Our prayers are with you.

                Hopefully your Lenten promises are still continuing to go well. Today we celebrate Palm Sunday.  It is the beginning of Holy Week. I want to walk through the next days with you and encourage you to attend these services.

                There are individual confessions on Monday, March 26 and Wednesday March 28 at 6:00 PM.  All are encouraged to participate. All the School and Religious Education children have already received the sacrament for Lent.

                Eucharistic Adoration ends on Wednesday Night.  Thursday’s Adoration will be after the Holy Thursday Mass.

                +Holy Thursday+ The Easter Triduum of the Passion and Resurrection of Christ begins Holy Thursday Evening. We begin by memorializing the Last Supper at which our Eucharist was instituted, and imitating Christ's model of service for all his disciples. We will celebrate the Eucharist, our Service and the Priesthood. Our Mass begins at 7:00 PM. After the Closing prayer, there will be a solemn procession through Church with the Eucharist. There will be a special Altar prepared to receive the Eucharist that will be distributed on Good Friday.  Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament takes place until 10:00PM.

                +The Night Watch + After the Eucharist is placed in a new tabernacle, the Church is stripped. This is a prelude to Good Friday. A very special part of Holy Thursday is the adoration before the Blessed Sacrament until midnight. Consider a Church visit during this time. This would make a wonderful beginning to Christ's last days on earth or a heed to Jesus' words in the Garden, "Could you not wait one hour with me?" Those keeping watch should come and go in silence for the sake of those who remain in prayer.

                +Good Friday+ The book of Genesis tells us that we were created as God's final work of creation on the "sixth day of the week" (for the Jewish people it meant, Thursday sunset through Friday sunset). Ancient Jewish and Christian poets imagined that this must have been "the ninth hour" (about three in the afternoon), which began the final major division of the day. The Gospel writers agree that Jesus died at "the ninth hour." On the day before Passover, this also was the hour that the lambs began to be slaughtered in the Temple for the evening feast. 7:00 PM will be the time for our Service - the Celebration of the Lord's Passion. Come with joyful fasting and abstinence to venerate the Holy Cross of Christ. It is the tree of life! There is also a Scriptural Rosary at 1:30 PM in Church

                + Easter Vigil+ We call this night "the most desired of the year." On this night, in sacramental mystery, God speaks once again the command, "Let there be light." And once again there is light! The rites this night have a simplicity: We begin by kindling a fire. We use this holy fire to light our Paschal Candle. We bring that light into a darkened Church from Good Friday's Service. Around its light we keep vigil until at last it is time to Bless Water, Confirm, and offer the Eucharist. As we keep vigil we tell our favorite Scripture Stories. In the mystery of this most holy night, the candle is a pillar of fire. The font is the cleansing water of salvation. And the altar is our banquet, a Eucharistic feast before the Lord, our God. Our Easter Vigil begins at 7:00PM.

                                +Easter+ Our Masses will be at 6:30 AM, 8:00 AM, 10:30AM.  Please try to attend as a family.  It will mean so much more to you as we celebrate our Parish Feast.

                If you walk with the Lord during these Holy Days, Easter will mean so much more for you. Please try to attend as many masses and services as possible.

                Here is something humorous for all of you. “What did the photographer say at the Last Supper? Anyone who wants to be in the picture, get on this side of the table.”  And another riddle.   “How did the disciples get to the upper room? They all rode over in a Honda. Scripture says "They were all in one Accord.”  And another, “There once was a minister preaching at a church as a guest. There was something wrong with his microphone. So he said to the congregation "Something is wrong with this microphone." The congregation responded with an "and also with you."

God Bless you with a Holy Week,              Fr. Phil Kreilein


VOLUNTEERS are needed for the mowing crews this summer.  Contact Jerry Schreiber at 812- 305-4655.


THANK YOU FROM MARISSA RIORDAN.  Thank you so much for the unbelievable turnout of shoes. But now I have to ship more than planned.  It cost $58.00 a barrel.  If you would like to donate towards shipping, please donate whatever you would like and place it in an envelope marked “Shoes for Haiti” and drop it in the collection basket or send to the Parish Office.



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