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resume template free download
resume template free download - Get Off
Get Off Of Your Lazy Fucking Ass And Get A Job Already
Get Off Of Your Lazy Fucking Ass And Get A Job Already
Are You Struggling to Find A New Job?

What would you say if I was to tell you the way most people look for a job is a waste of your fucking time and effort?

Less than 15% of all job openings are filled from job board postings, yet 95% of job seekers dutifully craft resumes and cover letters for these few coveted job openings.

What in the fuck is wrong with us?

Here are just a few of the things you will learn:

1) Why applying to ads on internet job boards is a total waste of your time.
2) How Social Media job hunting is a bunch of bullshit for the everyday job hunter.
3) That job hunters are fighting a battle with HR all of the way. You're trying to work your way in, their goal is to screen you out.
4) That nearly 50% of cover letters go straight to the shredder UNREAD!
5) Why you need to bring a brag-book to every interview, and how to use it.

It's not your father's job search! Things have changed. Employer expectations have changed, and if your job search methods haven't kept up, you're not going to get a job.

If you need some help getting your ass out of that chair and getting up to speed on your job search skills - You need this book!

About the Author

Nick Vulich is the author of four Kindle books including Freaking Idiots Guide to Selling on eBay. His other book Freaking Idiots Guide to Writing a Kindle Bestseller is a guide for self-published authors detailing how to market your book on Amazon Kindle.

A funny thing happened when his daughter first saw the cover to this book. She immediately ran off to tell her mom, "Dad's writing a book about himself." And, that's when dad got out of his chair and saw the impression six month's of constant occupancy by his ass had left in it.

It may be time for Nick to find a job.

resume photo
resume photo
interesting things about an interview in Japan: - you must bring resume with a photo (appearance is very important) - They will ask your age (you must include your age in your resume). many jobs has age limitation, and many positions are limited to women under 28 (even regular office work). i went to 3 interviews a few days ago: one of the interviewer's first question was my age (over the phone). two interviewers were male, and they asked if I am single. One of the guy said ' you have been in the states for 10 years but haven't found anyone yet?' say cheese!
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Stephanie Catlyn's Resume (1)
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