Library Director
Speedway High School, Speedway, IN (2012-present)

Hired in 2012 to administrate the high school library. Rapidly assumed additional administrative responsibilities based on program successes. Successfully lobbied to expand the role of the position by proactively seeking out new initiatives.
  • Spearheaded effort to launch Google Suite for Education for the district.  Oversaw development of a system with zero beginning users to current system of 1243 users and over 290,000 shared files. Oversaw staff and student training; remain domain superadministrator.
  • Initiated and spearheaded project to modernize library circulation systems.  Vetted vendors and lobbied district decision makers.  Administrated product rollout and trained staff.  Remain district software administrator.
  • Awarded and administered $37,000 in grant monies to improve library materials and services.  Conducted cost benefit analyses and return on investment analyses. 
  • Administer $19,200 annual budgets for library and audiovisual materials. 

Business Case Consultant (Intern)
Ruth Lilly Medical Library, Indiana University School of Medicine (2017)

Hired in 2017 to analyze the Ruth Lilly Medical Library's 3D printing service and compile a business case for the service.  
  • Conducted an internal audit of the 3D printing service and its costs, goals, purpose, and value to medical students.
  • Conducted a comparative audit of competitor universities in the Midwest.
  • Compiled a strategic analysis of the 3D printing service based on quantitative and qualitative data obtained from audits.
  • Compiled a comprehensive business case, strategic analysis, and strategic plan for perpetuating the service.
  • Produced data-driven, strategic recommendations for continuation of the service.

Communications Director
Indiana High School Forensics Association (2013-present)

Hired in 2013 as the IHSFA’s webmaster based on a proposal to redesign and reimagine the organization’s website to improve functionality, usability, and design.  Promoted to communications director within a year, with the mandate to improve communication systems and the IHSFA’s digital portfolio.
  • Administer and produce content for a 57-page website for the nonprofit IHSFA, the governing body of speech and debate competition in Indiana.
  • Oversee content production by multiple Association members within the social media portfolio, including Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and YouTube. 
  • Manage communication protocols and workflows that disseminate information to over 200 speech and debate coaches across Indiana.
  • Two-term representative on the IHSFA state executive board.
  • Chair of the state broadcasting committee, oversee logistics and competition content for sectional and state tournament broadcasting competitors.
  • Visit the IHSFA website by clicking here.  View the IHSFA website prior to my redesign by clicking here.

Library Director
Guion Creek Middle School, Indianapolis, IN (2011-12)

Hired in 2011 to administrate the middle school library.  Expanded reading promotion efforts, resulting in 91% increase in library book checkouts by students.  Established a culture of cooperative teaching with subject area teachers, focused on teaching and information literacy.
  • Managed a budget of $5400 prioritized toward reading promotion and subject area curriculum support.
  • Spearheaded school district efforts to redesign and launch modern website software and content.
  • Requested and was assigned webmaster duties for building-level website.
  • Led efforts to design remediation curriculum targeting students with English skill deficiencies.  Taught remediation sessions for 7th-grade students.
  • Managed two adult circulation and technology employees and 12 student volunteer assistants.

Southport High School, Indianapolis, IN (2004-11)

Hired in 2004 to co-administrate library collections and programming, produce daily news television program, and administrate building technology deployment and audiovisual equipment purchasing.  Assumed additional duties as building webmaster and library facilities management within two years.
  • Produced and directed daily student news television program.  Oversaw and maintained professional television studio.  
  • Programming director for technology, media literacy, and information literacy instruction and training for staff and students.
  • Managed a $7200 yearly budget for audiovisual and technology equipment purchasing and repair.
  • Wrote and was awarded more than $150,000 in grant monies targeted for library materials collection, technology expansion, and library infrastructured redesign.  
  • Administrated 40+ page website serving the high school and its stakehholders.  Trained staff on website content creation.  Led building-level project to transfer website to a modern software delivery system.
  • Served as varsity assistant football coach, including one year as defensive coordinator.  
  • Served as head speech and debate coach; led team to three top-10 finishes in the state, with three individual state champions and 13 national tournament qualifiers.
  • Hosted the 2007 Indiana State Speech Tournament.  Provided logistics, facility managment, and food service for over 500 student competitors and 200 adult coaches and judges.