One of my favorite historical facts is that the heraldic badge of the Prince of Wales contains the German phrase, "Ich dien," which translates to, "I serve."  When I first learned of it, I remember being fascinated that a royal family placed such importance on the idea of serving their subjects.  This simple mantra of service to others -- "I serve" -- has been a reminder throughout my professional life, a reminder that the best of what we accomplish together derives from leaders who serve their stakeholders.  My pledge to you is to exemplify this attitude in everything I do for your organization.

I have a wide array of skills to offer.  Early in my career I learned the value of strategic use of technologies as an aid to productivity and learning.  My long career as an educator has underscored the value of effective, engaging training and learning, with a focus on the learner's needs.  I've worked hard to develop my abilities as a motivator and communicator, with a particular emphasis on face to face interactions and the spoken word.  And if my time in education has taught me anything, it is that being a good listener is an essential element of effective leadership.  I can offer your organization these skills and others, skills which ultimately translate into the goal we all seek: positive results.

My belief is that we achieve positive results by expressing and executing a clear vision, formulating concrete plans to achieve our goals, building beneficial relationships with our stakeholders, and helping people make the most of their talents.  With the concept of
service as a core belief, 
I can offer you a track record of empowering people to achieve the results we seek.  I have many competencies I can utilize to help our employees and stakeholders achieve results.  Among these are data and systems analysis, community and stakeholder outreach, marketing research and application, information delivery and communication systems, and several others.  The bottom line is this:  I have experience with a lot of tools in the productivity toolbox, and I have a track record of success when putting those tools to good use.

Leadership.  Empowerment.  Results.  I believe I can bring all of these, and more, to your organization.  Thank you for visiting my online resume and for considering me as a candidate.  Please take a look at my sample work, included on this website or available on my LinkedIn profile. Please feel free to contact me by phone or email at any time.  I look forward to meeting you soon to discuss your job opportunity.

Best regards,

Joe Troyer