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Resume Special Skills

    special skills
  • (Special Skill) Shooting (ranked 6th in an international contest)
  • (Special Skill) An ability, talent, or expertise gained prior to employment.  Examples of special skills can include but are not limited to web design, fluency in a foreign language, prior coursework (teaching assistants), professor appointed research assistantship, special external
  • Begin to do or pursue (something) again after a pause or interruption
  • Begin speaking again after a pause or interruption
  • curriculum vitae: a summary of your academic and work history
  • take up or begin anew; "We resumed the negotiations"
  • Begin to be done, pursued, or used again after a pause or interruption
  • sketch: short descriptive summary (of events)
resume special skills
resume special skills - Letters for
Letters for Special Situations (Real-Resumes Series)
Letters for Special Situations (Real-Resumes Series)
In an era when many feel that letter writing is "the lost art," this book can be a resource to help anyone create letters to use in the special situations in life.

Have you ever been asked to prepare a written letter of reference for someone to use in getting a job or applying to an academic program? Wouldn't some great sample letters be a great help in such a situation? Here's a book that can help.

Have you ever wanted to resign gracefully from a position so that you don't "burn your bridges behind you?" Here is a book that can help you write such a letter to an employer or supervisor so that you gain good will and respect during the resignation process.

Sometimes it is necessary to write a special letter for a special situation in life. You will find great letters to be used as models for business and personal reasons including: Letters asking for a raise, Letters of resignation, Letters of reference, Letters notifying a vendor of a breach of contract, Letter to a congressman, Letters of complaint, Letters requesting reinstatement to an academic program, Follow-up letters after an interview, Letters requesting bill consolidation, Letters to professionals disputing their charges, collection letters, thank-you letters and letters to accompany resumes in job hunting.

This book will be a valuable how-to resource to those who seek guidance in composing letters for business or personal reasons. Some of the letters shown are letters of complaint, letters of appeal, business marketing letters, press releases, letters appealing a job dismissal, letters appealing a supervisor's rating, letters of application to law school and medical school, cover letters to accompany resumes, follow-up letters after job interviews, collections letters, letters related to consumer credit and finance, legal letters and notices, letters of apology, letters of appreciation, letters of reference and letters of recommendation, letters of nomination, letters of opposition, letters of reprimand, letters of termination, letters of solicitation, letters of intent, letters to public officials, networking letters, promissory notes, letters requesting a raise, letters requesting a promotion, letters of resignation, and many more letters designed to assist in personal and business matters.

Rave reviews for this book!
"This book has a wide range of letters covering various topics. This book would be useful to any population." - Catholic Library World

Testimonials from some who used this book:
"Writing letters is so time-consuming, and I get frequent requests from former employees and others who want me to provide a reference. I found just the right samples in this book to make my life easy so that I could produce the multiple letters yearly that are requested of me.” Sonya S.
"I am not a professional writer, but I feel that this book took my mediocre skills and helped them blossom by showing me samples of effective letters. I especially liked the letters protesting charges, and I created effective letters protesting medical charges. People assume you are more serious when you write a letter instead of trying to handle problems verbally. This book helped me leave a ‘paper trail’ and get taken seriously so that I could resolve some chronic financial problems." Julio G.
"When I wanted to get reinstated to my academic program, I didn’t give myself much of a chance, but I took my best shot by following samples in this book. I will be graduating soon, and I got a second chance at academic eligibility because of this book." Fritz H.
“It blew me away when I found samples of business marketing letters I could use to find potential new customers. I have discovered that everyone likes reading letters, and the business marketing letters I now use—thanks to the samples in this book—have dramatically boosted my sales.” Nadal S.

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Lions Foundation of Canada
Lions Foundation of Canada
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Resume-builder, under "Special Skills"
Resume-builder, under "Special Skills"
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resume special skills
resume special skills
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills with PowerWeb and BComm Skill Booster
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills by Locker and Kaczmarek represents a unique approach to a hands-on course. Written by the same author of Business and Administrative Communication, this completely new approach is devised and created with the assistance of a community college colleague. The innovative modular structure allows instructors to focus on specific skills and provides greater flexibility for short courses and different teaching approaches. While grounded in solid business communication fundamentals, this four-color paperback takes a strong workplace activity orientation which helps students connect what they learn to what they do or will do on the job.