Texas Expansion


Looking for interested people in cities and town across Texas


Eloise Sutherland would like to work with you to set up  opportunities to learn more about RESULTS’ efforts to end hunger and poverty and to decide if you would like to join an existing chapter or help start a RESULTS chapter in your Texas community. 
To start a group in your area, please contact:
Eloise Sutherland - nanawese@gmail.com - (512) 990-9883        


 Each day in our world 16,000 children die from hunger and preventable disease.  Millions die from AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria each year.

One in ten Americans lives in poverty.  16 million American children go to bed hungry every night.

RESULTS volunteers generate hope by creating the political will for a world free of hunger and poverty using a blend of targeted actions, tenacity, and grassroots networking.

RESULTS goals globally include:

  • reducing child death due to malnutrition and preventable disease

  • ensuring a basic education for all children

  • providing access to credit for the poor to start businesses to pull themselves out of poverty

  • combating the diseases of poverty including AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria

 RESULTS goals domestically include:

  •  supporting childhood development through Head Start

  •  encouraging asset development (savings for a home, business or education)

  •  ensuring access to health care for all

 Be part of the solution!