Integration with "Advanced REST Client"

REST Sniffer allows developers to reproduce REST API calls as they were called by a Web App. It can be helpful with analyzing the root cause of a bug or specific flow.  

Use cases:
  1. A developer fixing a bug reported in a specific flow. Bug is reproduced in the browser but the developer wants to exercise the API call(s) independently.
  2.  A tester/developer exercising API simulating similar scenarios happened in the browser. 
  1. Define your REST API endpoint  - from the browser actions bar, select the REST Sniffer icon and create / update your endpoint
  2. Sniff your REST API - through your Web browser, trigger the REST API as it would be called from the App. Select the API call and click the "Load in REST Client" button. 
  3. Load in Advanced REST Client - The Advanced REST Client Chrome App is opened in a separate window with the info required to reproduce the API call. Click on the "Send" button.
  4. Exercise with different parameters / headers.

Enjoy :)