The Phoenix (1915)

"A strictly modern Stonekote house with a front porch.The Massive porch columns impart an air of strength and durability while the decorative effects and graceful lines make the whole structure very pleasing The lover of shrubs and flowers can make this house a bower of beauty...."
Sears, Roebuck & Co., Chicago 1908

     With America's growing interest in conservation and recycling, I have been extremely surprised and saddened to see the increased disrepair, neglect and destruction of our historical architectural heritage. 
     You might be surprised to know that there aren't many period homes left intact.  Remodeling, open floor plans and updating by those who don't understand or appreciate historical integrity, have resulted in the destruction and mutilation of many once loved older homes. 
     My husband and I traveled throughout the midwest and took close to 4 years before we were lucky enough to find our "dream home".  This is the story of how one historical home was brought back.