Previous Capstone Work

Yesler Creek Headwaters Reforestation Project is a collaborative work between neighborhood groups, volunteers, and students. Together they envision the possibilities of restoration of the forest at this site. A Forest Steward, trained by the Green Seattle Partnership, works closely with Seattle Public Utilities in restoring the forest and the waterway.


Since 2006, the site has been restored by groups of student from the University of Washington Restoration Ecology Network (UW-REN).  Students have been working with Forest Steward Bonnie Miler, plant ecologists at Seattle Parks, and the UW-REN professors to create a project plan and design for the restoration, to manage the budget, and to organize work parties with volunteers to remove invasive plants, replant new species to bring back diversity, and create a better habitat for birds and other wild animals.

The Yesler Creek Headwaters Reforestation Project began through the fund from Green Seattle Partnership. The project was led by Bonnie Miller and Joanna Nelson. They submitted a RFP submission to the University of Washington's Restoration Ecology Network (UW-REN). As a result of that submission,  the Yesler Creek Headquarter project became part of the capstone project for the Restoration Ecology Certificate program. Through this program, students will learn the fundamentals of restoration ecology and how to implement their plans with the help of the UW-REN Professors and the teaching assistant, and meet with the Yesler volunteers to meet their objectives for projects.