New Scout Orientation

We are part of the Boy Scouts National Capital Area Council, in the Powhatan District. We meet once or twice a month as a Den (group of Cub Scouts from the same grade level,) and once a month as a Pack (All the Dens together). The Pack has various organized outings throughout the year, such as the Lake Fairfax campfire, the famous Pinewood Derby, Raingutter Regatta, family camping, and the end of year family campout at Lake Fairfax. The Pack is divided into Dens by grade level:
  •             Lions - Kindergarten 
  •             Tiger – 1st grade
  •             Wolf – 2nd grade
  •             Bear – 3rd grade
  •             Webelos I – 4th grade
  •             Arrow of Light – 5th grade

In March of the 5th grade, you transition to Boy Scouts at the Blue and Gold Banquet.


The Lions, Tigers, Wolves and Bears have various Achievements they have to accomplish to receive their respective rank each year.  These monthly themes are outlined in the handbook, and are normally covered during the den meetings, there is a field trip each month ('go see') and the parents/scout families take turns running the meetings. You can cover them at home if you miss a den meeting. Tiger Scouts are required to have a parent (called Akela) attend the meetings and activities with them.


Webelos have activities to cover with the help of the den leader, and there is less direct hands-on parental supervision.

The Pack has various committee members: the Chair, Treasurer, Cubmaster, Awards, Membership, Blue & Gold Banquet, Green Sales and various outing-oriented committees. All these are volunteer positions run by the parents of Cub Scouts. Your help on these committees is greatly appreciated and will insure the success of the Pack! Special talents are not required for these positions.


Every Cub Scout likes to be recognized for his achievements. This is a powerful motivator, and we like to call the scouts up in front of the Pack in a monthly award ceremony to receive their patches and belt loops they have earned. 


Awards for various activities can be earned by the Scout either by themselves or with the pack.


Belt loops and pins that can be earned for participating in a list of rank-specific activities - see our Belt Loops & Awards page for more details.

The pack provides each scout with a handbook, neckerchief and slide, “1313” patch, any awards they earn, a “Class B” t-shirt, Raingutter Regatta kit, and a Pinewood Derby kit. Each scout must buy their own blue "Class A" scout shirt (buy it big to last a few years), round blue fleur de lis (Stylized lilly flower) patch,  cap, belt, and “National Capital Area Council” sleeve patch. 

There are two stores in the area :  There is also the Scout Stuff online store as well.



Placement of the patches is shown here



Each adult in a Den Leader or Pack leadership role must have 3 training classes. The classes are easy and on line. They are “Cub Scout Leader Fast Start”, “This is Scouting” and “Youth Protection”. Start here by opening up your on line account:



You are a better leader if you are trained, and you and the scouts will have more fun. Training can make the difference between a miserable experience and a fun filled experience. You owe it to your scout to be trained. The Powhatan District offers all sorts of hands on training:


Monthly Roundtables: The district has a monthly meeting between 8-9PM on the second Thursday of the month at the Church Of Latter Day Saints on Centerville Rd. New Cub Scout leaders meet with experienced leaders to learn how to run den meetings, what the camps are all about, and additional activities. Several of our den leaders usually go.


BALOO Training: This is a single one day training event covering how to run camping safety the Scout way. It is mandatory that a BALOO trained person attend every time the den or pack goes camping.  



Camping is a large attraction to cub scouting, here are our local camps


There are various levels of camping. At Camp Snyder in Haymarket there are weekend Parent/son overnights, two and four night camps, and day camps. The district also runs a week long day camp at Algonquin Park in Sterling. Webelos and higher can go for longer sleep-away camps at Goshen Scout Reservation in southwestern VA.